Staying Safe. Staying Healthy

  • Mapleton Public Schools and MESA have taken many steps to ensure that our MESA CREW is safe and healthy as we return to school. Included on this page are some of the policies, procedures, and safeguards recently instituted on campus and in our building.

  • In-Person Learning

    All Mapleton schools, including MESA, are beginning the 2020-2021 school year with 5 days per week, full-day, in-person learning. Students and staff will follow new guidelines to ensure that students stay safe and healthy while at school and take advantage of in-person support from our amazing MESA Staff.

  • Neighborhoods

    Each student will be assigned to a "neighborhood" with up to sixty students and four teachers in their grade level. Students will have no planned contact with students in other grade levels. Within grade levels, students will learn and interact in smaller cohorts of 20 to 30 students and observe social distancing guidelines throughout the school day. By limiting the size of groups in which our MESA CREW works, we can minimize the spread of germs and contact with large groups. Students will also work together as a CREW to support one another in learning and thriving in this new work environment.

  • Schedules

    To avoid students gathering in large groups at the beginning and end of the day, MESA students will begin and end school on a staggered schedule. Please note the following:

    7th and 8th grade: Begin 8:00 AM, Dismiss 3:15 PM

    9th grade: Begin 8:10 AM, Dismiss 3:25 PM

    10th, 11th and 12th grade: Begin 8:20 AM, Dismiss 3:35 PM

    Students' daily schedules will be within their neighborhood group and consist of 2-3 classes for 4 weeks at a time. These 4 week periods will similar to MESA's "Intensives" where smaller groups of students work with fewer teachers on a deeper study of one topic. State standards will still be the focus of learning outcomes and high School credit will be offered in the same way as in previous year.

  • School Supplies

    Mapleton will provide each student with supplies this year. Students can bring their own masks and headphones, but families do not need to provide suppliles for students this year. Each day students should bring facemask, backpack, chromebook, charger, water bottle and headphones to connect to chromebook. We’ll be outside often so student should bring a hat, wear sunscreen and plan to be outdoors each day.

  • Virtual Back to School Night

    If you missed our Virtual Back to School Night, you can watch the video here: 

  • Technology

    All MESA students will be provided with a Chromebook to access content from our new digital learning management system, "Canvas." Canvas will allow teachers to share instruction and content with students on a computer and allow students to work and interact with other students while adhering to social distance guidelines. Students will be trained on the new Canvas system and will practice using it every day at school. Students should take their computer and charger to and from school each day so that they can complete homework, contact teachers, and continue learning even if they are not in the building.

  • Health and Safety

    Students at MESA will wear a mask at all times except during designated, supervised, and socially distanced mask breaks outside the building. Masks may also be removed during lunches where students will be eating socially distanced and outdoors whenever possible. Students will need a mask every day. Students may bring a mask from home or one will be provided to them at school. Students with symptoms of COVID-19 will be cared for in the "CARES Room" separated from all others, using health department protocols in coordination with nurses from Children's Hospital. An emergency contact will be called to pick up students from the CARES Room immediately. Health Assistant who work with students will wear protective gear when working with students and the health rooms will be cleaned frequently.

  • Ventilation and Air Flow

    Every classroom has an air purifier. Building dampers are all the way open to maximize the fresh air coming in from the roof. MESA's ventilation system has been upgraded to the recommended system for maximum healthy air flow.

  • Cleaning, Health, and Safety Routines

    Students will routinely wash their hands throughout the day and sanitize hands when entering and exiting rooms. Student transitions have been minimized in the schedule so students have limited contact with students in hallways and no planned contact with students outside of their neighborhood. Outdoor learning spaces and outdoor mask breaks have been scheduled during the daily schedule. High contact surfaces will be cleaned often and sharing of supplies will be minimized to avoid spreading of germs.