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An Achiever who CARES, turns into a Leader who shares!

  • Welcome to Achieve Academy!

    An Achiever who CARES, turns into a Leader who shares!

    Our Leadership Philosophy: To ensure that students become leaders in the community by Cooperating with others, being Assertive in and out of the classroom, taking Responsibility for their actions, displaying Empathy for others and having Self-control in all situations.

    This will be accomplished through leadership and teamwork that will lead to ACHIEVER success. 

    Parents, does your child show the CARES traits at home?  Let us know!  Follow this link to download our Cares Connection aPAWlause form. Fill it out at home and send it back to school. We want to celebrate our students who live the CARES traits in school and at home as well!



    To ensure that students and staff are provided a safe environment where everyone is empowered to achieve and contribute to his or her community, country and world.



    To engage and inspire the growth of diverse learners through educational opportunities that are rigorous, inclusive and responsive. 



    Student Learning

    * Provide cooperative learning communities that include differentiated learning experiences.

    * Develop assertive learners who are confident and determined to persevere.

    * Promote individual and collective responsibility through targeted instruction.

    * Foster empathetic choices and responses in academic and social settings.

    * Model self-control through words and actions that contribute to individual success.

    Professional Practices

    * Provide cooperative learning communities that cultivate differentiated learning experiences through timely communication that is consistent and transparent.

    * Acknowledge that risk-taking involves assertive learners and leaders that support one another to do

    what is best for the school-community.

    * Our responsibility is to provide relevant and comprehensive instruction that encourages the whole-child to reach success. 

    * Ensure that empathetic decisions are made with the students’ academic and personal needs being the priority. 

    * Model self-control through words and actions that contribute to our school-community success.

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    8:25 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.