• Academy High School

    A School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

    At Academy High School students develop powerful problem-solving and critical-thinking skills through coursework that exposes them to challenging engineering and biomedical courses. 

    Students work to master core subjects with an emphasis on science, technology, math, and engineering, gaining technical skills they may apply in the real world. Students are encouraged to research, learn and apply new material through hands-on projects, activities, and problem-based learning.  

    Academy High School students embrace their individuality and thrive in a community devoted to the pursuit of excellence.  Students receive support through seminar courses. Seminar courses provide students with additional academic assistance, college readiness skills, and help to refine the technical skills they will use in core classes and electives. Seminar classes reinforce Academy’s character pillars of perseveranceintegrityrespectresponsibilitycourage, and curiosity and encourage a supportive learning environment.  

    Classrooms and learning spaces were designed specifically to inspire inquiry and independent discovery. Standing counters, open computer areas, laptop stations and movable furniture create multi-use spaces for collaboration, small group work, or individual study. 

    Academy High School will prepare students with the necessary skills to succeed, compete, innovate and lead in the evolving 21st century global economy.

    Academy students...

    • Have a strong interest in mastering State and School District standards with an emphasis on science, technology, math and engineering
    • Actively seek college preparation
    • Desire an authentic and engaging learning environment
    • Want to be prepared to compete, innovate and lead
    • Take pride in their school and in their peers
    • Want to be a part of and contribute to their school and community

    School Specs

    • 9th-12th grade
    • Quarter calendar
    • Modified block schedule
      • Students take four classes per semester.
      • Each class meets for approximately 90 minutes.
      • Students earn full credit for each semester-long class they successfully complete.
    • Advisory
      • Every Academy student is assigned to an advisory that meets three times per week.
      • During advisory students focus:
        • Team and community building
        • Academic success, including frequent grade and attendance checks
        • The development of  "soft skills" that include study habits, habits of work, and organizational skills
        • Pathways to post-secondary success
      • Students remain with the same advisor for the duration of their time at Academy, allowing students and teachers to strong, trusting, and caring relationships.  
  • Academy Logo

    School Address: (Map)
    8970 York St
    Thornton, CO 80229
    Phone: 303.853.1730
    Fax: 303.853.1779
    Attendance Line303.853.1778

    School Hours:
    8:30 a.m. - 3:50 p.m.

    School Specs:
    9th -12th grade

    School Dress Code:
    More Info

    Ronald Salazar

    Assistant Director
    Matt Coates

    School Secretary
    Ruth Soto