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  • Friendships, laughter, and learning are awaiting your child in Mapleton’s Early Childhood Education Program! A quality preschool program can spark a lifetime love of learning in a child. As a community leader in early childhood education, Mapleton proudly offers inclusive, engaging, and supportive toddler and preschool programs led by compassionate experts in early childhood education. We serve more than 600 preschool students at schools in all corners of the district. Our preschool program is fully inclusive, meeting the needs of all learners. Mapleton’s Early Childhood Education program serves families through:

    Our ECE curriculum is grounded in the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines and we provide a compassionate, supportive and encouraging environment for students to practice and develop important social and emotional skills. 


    In preschool, children begin building a solid foundation for learning with early introductions to numbers, shapes, sounds, and letters. Children also grow their social skills, learning how to share, contribute and collaborate with peers. Numerous academic studies show children who attend preschool enter kindergarten with appropriate social skills, which leads to better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills.

    We serve more than 600 preschool students at schools in all corners of the district. Students who will be 3-or-4-years-old by October 1 of the current school year are eligible to be screened for preschool.


    2022-23 Early Childhood Education Program and Pricing Brochure




    Preschool Enrollment and Placement Timeline: 

      • Evaluations for eligibility-based assistance will be scheduled in May 2022
    • March 2022
      • Apply for preschool by March 31 to be included in the first round of screenings and placements.
    • June 2022
      • Eligibility-based assistance appointments and school placements  
    • June - September 2022
      • Ongoing eligibility-based assistance appointments and placement
      • Out-of-district placements made if space is available

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