Annual Update for Current Mapleton Families

  • How to complete the Annual Update 

    The Annual Update, formerly known as registration, is the online process that allows Mapleton families to verify and submit the required information to their school. This new online process eliminates the forms and paperwork that used to be required for annual registration. Using the online Infinite Campus Parent Portal Annual Update tool, you can update your family’s information easily from anywhere with an internet connection.

    Who needs to complete the Annual Update?

    In February, the following current Mapleton families are asked to complete the Annual Update:

    • All preschool families advancing to kindergarten
    • Sixth-grade families at Adventure Elementary and Welby Community School continuing to 7th grade
    • Eighth-grade families at Achieve Academy, Clayton Partnership School, Meadow Community School, Monterey Community School, and Trailside Academy advancing to 9th grade

    Families who enter their school placement requests in February are most likely to get their first-choice school.

     In April, all current Mapleton families continuing on at their current school will be asked to complete the Annual Update.



    Completando la Actualización Anual en Línea


    screen shots of annual update process  


    What information do I update during the Annual Update?

    As a parent/guardian of a currently enrolled Mapleton student, the Annual Update process will ask you to confirm or update the following information:

    • Address (Please select ‘change of address’ and contact your school to update your address)
    • Phone numbers (home phone, cell phone, work phone)
    • Email address
    • Emergency contacts
    • Information about your child’s health conditions and/or medications
    • Immunization documents
    • Confirm or select school for the upcoming school year
    • School Behavior Handbook
    • Additional school or district policies and releases



    How do I complete the Annual Update?

    To complete the online Annual Update, you will need an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. To activate your account please contact the main office of your child’s school. Once you have your Infinite Campus Parent Portal information, visit or  and complete the login process.


    You must have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account to complete the Annual Update. If you do not have an account or need to reset your username or password, please contact you’re the main office of your school.