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    Mapleton is not your ordinary school district.

    In Mapleton, there are no "neighborhood schools."  This means that instead of being automatically enrolled in your neighborhood school, we invite you to choose your school from our full menu of schools based on the learning style, interests, and passions of your child. Mapleton offers schools that are small-by-design with different education models, including Expeditionary Learning (EL), International Baccalaureate, STEM, University Partnership, Big Picture, Young Adult, and online, to name a few.  

    We do our very best to place your child in your first-choice school. However, if we are unable to place your child in your first-choice school, we will make every effort to place your child in your second or third choice school. If you would like to place your child on our monthly waitlist for your first choice school, please contact the Welcome Center, 303.853.1780.

  • bus icon In Mapleton, you select your school and we get you there! 

    If you live within Mapleton's district boundaries, we will provide transportation to your school of choice (if you live a mile or more from your school of choice). This applies to all students living within district boundaries and more than one mile away from their school of choice. Learn more about Mapleton's comprehensive transportation system