• school bus Bus Safety

    Safety is Our Number One Priority!
    Mapleton's Transportation Department would like to welcome both you and your student to our Safety Team. As school transportation professionals, we know that we are transporting precious cargo and the future of our community.

    Each of our passengers is special to us and their safety comes first. Cooperation and support is the foundation of all successful teams. It takes drivers and parents working together to make a powerful school bus safety team!

    We ask that families take these three steps to ensure bus safety:

    Bus Safety Rules

    Be Respectful

    • Show courtesy to the driver and others
    • Speak quietly to your neighbor
    • Keep the floor and seat clean and undamaged
    • Be quiet at railroad tracks & while dome lights are on
    • Listen and follow directions

    Be Responsible

    • Be at your stop five minutes before stop time
    • Walk on and off the bus
    • Sit and stay in your seat
    • Keep feet, hands, and objects to self and inside the bus

    Be Honest

    • Tell the truth
    • Ride on your assigned bus
    • Get on and off at your assigned bus stop

    Be Watchful

    • Cross the street 10 steps in front of the bus.
    • Wait to cross until you see the driver signal its safe to cross.

    Bullying behavior

    • Bullying behavior is not allowed either at the bus stops or on the bus 

    School Bus Safety Web - Resources

    NHTSA Child Safety Seat Inspection Station Locator

    While installing and using child safety, seats may appear to be easy enough, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that close to 3 out of 4 parents do not. 

    NHTSA offers these links:
    "Bicycle Safety Activity Kit", available in Spanish, "Seguridad en Bicicletas", to provide parents, caregivers, teachers, community leaders, and children with tools to learn the important basics about bicycle safety.

    "Play it Safe My Traffic Safety Page" - contains games, activities, and information for kids and parents.