•  Student Rider of the Month for February, 2020

    Natalie G. is our "Student Rider of the Month" for February. Natalie is a 5th grader and attends Clayton Partnership.  She was nominated by Becky Rudy, her bus driver and Crystal L., the bus para.  Becky shared the following comments about Natalie; “Natalie has been a great help to us while on the bus.  We call her the “Assistant”.  Natalie helps us with the younger students by directing them to their assigned seats.  She also knows ‘all’ the students’ stops and makes sure that we know where they should get off. She is very considerate and has been the perfect student rider.” Thank you, Natalie!

    Natalie G in front of Shark Bus


    February is Love the School Bus Month

    Cindy Barnics-Hebert is one of our Bus Drivers who wrote a story about why she loves the Yellow School Bus...

    I love the yellow school bus because...

    For me, my yellow school bus is like having a rolling office and classroom. It fine tunes my mental abilities and gives me perks. There is so much to see while we are driving. It starts out with mother nature showing us her beauty with the wonderful sunrises. The awe inspiring purple hues on the mountains with snow white tops. I always think of the song "America the Beautiful", Purple Mountain Majesty. During the day after a storm, we get 'oohs' an 'aahs' for the beautiful rainbows; and in the evening, the awesome sunsets look like a painting. I like to make sure the students observe all of this beauty.

    We have seen foxes running through the park, a hawk swooping down and flying away with a snake, a few bald eagles soaring majestically. There have even been times where we had to stop because someone was trying to hurry the geese or ducks across the road. I saw when the police came to rescue a turtle trying to cross the road.  Then, of course, we get to watch the awesome changing of the seasons. Soon we will be seeing the buds on the trees and the green shoots coming up in farmer's fields and , in the fall, the beautiful leaves changing color. Even when we get a beautiful blanket of snow, we get to see it shimmer when the sun rays hit the snow. The kids get to see where the best hills are at for sledding. Oh, the freedom to be out and about and not in an office.

    I also think that driving the bus has kept my mind young and sharp. We have to do so much multi-tasking! We concentrate on driving while monitoring everything going on around us,
    figure out how to maneuver around traffic, road conditions and construction or accidents. We do all of this while watching students and doing student control. There are also perks from driving a school bus, we get to see where the yard sales are at, "freebies" left on a sidewalk, what homes and cars are for sale, landscaping ideas from neighborhood's yards and locations of new restaurants.

    As you can tell, I love driving my yellow school bus, even though I drive the same route everyday... everyday is a new adventure!

    Cindy Barnicz-Hebert


    Student Rider-2 of the Month for January, 2020

    Atlee B.  is Transportation’s ‘Student Rider of the Month’ for January.  Atlee is in the 6th grade and attends Welby Community school. 

    Atlee was nominated by Cindy Madrid, Bus driver.  Cindy shared the following about Atlee; “Atlee has been a big help to me and other Sub drivers. Atlee assists me by providing help with the younger students.  When I am absent, Atlee also helps the Sub driver by providing them the locations and route stops.  Atlee has a sweet personality and is always willing to help when needed.  She also assisted me last year providing the same assistance.” Thank you, Atlee!

    “Atlee is a wonderful student to have in our school,” said Bennie Sejnoha, Atlee’s teacher.  I have known Atlee for 7 years, since she was in kindergarten.  “She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  I have observed her many times helping younger students and even staff with different things.  I feel she is a natural leader and I will truly miss her as this is her last year here at Welby.  She will always hold a special place in my heart.”

    Atlee's Photo  Atlee on the Bear Bus


    Please meet Sabrina Solano and Adolph Chavez - Mapleton Public Schools Transportation Dispatchers 

    Adolph Chavez & Sabrina Solano

    As Dispatchers and Schedulers, Sabrina Solano and Adolph Chavez are often considered the ‘heart’ of Mapleton’s Transportation Department.  Sabrina started working for Mapleton Public Schools in 2007.  In February 2012, she moved into her current role as Transportation Dispatcher/Scheduler.  Adolph has been a Transportation Dispatcher for more than 20 years, five of which have been with Mapleton. Adolph also serves as the Transportation Department’s Trainer, CDL Examiner, and CPR and First Aid Instructor.  

    Working on the front line of Transportation, Sabrina and Adolph face many demands while providing safe transportation for our students and outstanding service to our families. To be effective, they must first be a great communicator. They must also have excellent time management and be able to handle many responsibilities without becoming sidetracked.

    Communication is Key

    • On any given day, a driver will be calling on the radio, another driver will not be able to make it in to the office, the district mechanic will be providing a list of buses being serviced that day, teachers will be calling about buses for field trips, and parents will be in the lobby with questions – all at the same time! Both Sabrina and Adolph remain focused and tend to the needs of all their customers by keep open lines of communication.  It is easy to get stressed during the three busiest times of the day — morning roll-out, mid-day routes and afternoon roll-out, but Sabrina and Adolph keep their cool.
    • Sabrina and Adolph listen to radio conversations, anticipate needs, and prioritize responses as quickly as possible. They must know which buses are out of service for maintenance or repair and assign spare buses, which bus drivers are out sick and which sub drivers will fill routes, what field trips and sports trips are scheduled and what to do if emergencies arise.
    • Being a great dispatcher does not happen by sitting down in the dispatch chair. They must be an excellent communicator and help positive relationships in the school district and the community. They must be able to communicate professionally by phone, via the radio and face to face.
    • Sabrina and Adolph answer the telephone with a smile. This starts every conversation on a positive tone and can help calm parents should there ever be an issue.
    • To improve communication, Sabrina and Adolph review route schedules, keep up with phone calls and relay all messages. They let drivers know if students do not need to be picked up so our drivers can ensure every student gets to school safely and on time.

    Stress comes with the job

    • During an emergency, Adolph and Sabrina remain calm and focused. They take the time to keep up with laws and district policies, as well as monitor accidents or incidents within the community that could impact the safe transport of students to and from school. 

    Why Sabrina and Adolph enjoy being a Dispatcher and what is the most challenging

    • Sabrina enjoys helping families get their students to their respective schools on time. She also enjoys seeing preschoolers get excited about riding the bus. The most challenging part of the job for Sabrina is when it snows, and the roads are icy.
    • Adolph enjoys his job because of the constant changes within Transportation. He enjoys assisting the bus drivers when they are need of assistance with write-ups and routing questions or student management questions.  He also enjoys helping parents with routing questions as well as the general public with questions and/or concerns with Transportation.  The most challenging for Adolph is searching for a parent/guardian when they are not at the bus stop to greet their preschool student or kindergartener.


    Student Rider of the Month for January, 2020

    Isabella M. is Transportation’s ‘Student Rider of the Month’ for January 2020. Isabella is in the 6th grade and attends Meadow Community School.
    Isabella was nominated by bus driver Cindy B. Cindy shared the following about Isabella: “During a recent ride to school, Isabella’s brother had a very severe nosebleed which required attention. Isabella sat with her brother and tended to him so that he would not panic. During this emergency, she waited until the bus stopped and got him some tissue, located at the front of the bus. Because of her kind and caring nature, she wanted me to concentrate on my driving and decided to take the matter into her own hands and tend to her brother. Isabella waited until they reached their destination to inform me of this situation.” Thank you, Isabella!
    "Isabella is a kind and hardworking student,” said Rachel Rea, Isabella’s teacher. “She is consistently a good friend to her peers and is always willing to help. In school, she cares deeply about her friends and is always there when they need her. When a few students were sad over a situation, Isabella was the first there trying to comfort them and give them reassurance. As a student, Isabella is very hard working; always wanting to do better in class. She is willing to help out her teachers if they need it and works to keep our classrooms clean and organized. I am so proud of her being recognized for her compassion outside of the classroom!" Congratulations Isabella!

    Isabella's school photo  Isabella on teh Bus


    Student Rider of the Month for December, 2019 

    Luis M. is the Transportation’s ‘Student Rider of the Month’ for December.  Luis is in the 10th grade and attends Global Leadership Academy. 


    Luis was nominated by Andrew Garcia, his bus driver.  Andrew shared the following about Luis; “Luis is very well mannered, respectful, courteous and is always willing to cooperate with whatever instruction I ask of him. Luis also has a very good sense of humor." 

    Thank you, Luis!

    Luis Munoz Luis and Andrew, Bus Driver Luis in front of bus


    Student Rider of the Month for November, 2019

    Nasya T. is our second Student Rider of the Month of November, 2019. Nasya is in the 5th grade and attends Meadow Community. 

    Nasya was nominated by Cindy B, bus driver.  Cindy shared the following about Nasya; “I would like to nominate Nasya because she is an advocate for the “Safe to Tell” policy we have at Mapleton school district. Nasya had the courage to come forward on behalf of a friend to let me know about bullying that had been happening on my bus and at the bus stop. Because of her courage, we have been able to greatly minimize the bullying so students can feel safe at the bus stop and on the bus and have an enjoyable ride on the bus.” Thank you, Nasya!

    Nasya's Portrait Nasya boarding Bus


    Student Rider of the Month for October, 2019

    Bradford A. is our second Student Rider of the Month for October. Bradford is in the 4th grade and attends Meadow Community School.  Bradford was nominated by Cindy B, his bus driver.  Cindy shared the following comments about Bradford: “When I needed to take a morning off, Bradford ‘stepped up’ and was a big help to the sub bus driver.  He helped them find the stops and let them know who rode at that stop.  On another day, I had a young student that when he went to get off the bus, he had forgotten his bus pass in his seat.  Bradford got up and went back and found the student’s bus pass.  Bradford has a “want to help” disposition and I hope he continues to be confident in himself and find ways to continue performing kind acts.”  Congratulations, Bradford!

    The following came from Joan Manela (one of Bradford’s teachers) and several of the other teachers; “Bradford is a friendly, sensitive young man who enjoys coming to school every day. He reaches out to make new friends of all ages throughout our building. Being a leader is enjoyable for Brad. He looks for ways to help others.  During attendance in our class, he lets me know if he saw certain students on the bus or in the cafeteria for breakfast. He volunteers to help in the classroom, is accepting of all students, he makes drawings and gifts for his classmates and has a smile for everyone.  I was not surprised to hear that Brad was helpful to a new bus driver and that he shared his experience about the bus stops and route with the driver. It is wonderful to know that Bradford is being honored for the gifts that make him so special. Good work, Brad!  

    Bradford's Photo  


    Student Rider of the Month for October, 2019

    Daisy S. is Transportation’s Student Rider of the Month for October.  Daisy is in the 7th grade and attends Trailside Academy. 

    Daisy was nominated by Andrew Garcia, one of Mapleton’s bus drivers.  Andrew shared the following about Daisy; “This young lady is very well-mannered and is well-behaved on the bus.  She has total respect for the people around her all the time.  She loves to play volleyball.  Daisy always acknowledges me by saying “good morning” and “good bye” at the end of the day.  She is a good mentor for fellow students and family members, and she is also family-oriented.  She is a very good student who deserves to be recognized.”

    Thank you, Daisy!


    Daisy’s favorite teacher, Ms. Katie Kolar, wrote the following about Daisy; “I try to treat all my kids with equal respect.  Daisy is very respectful in class.”

    Daisy S-School Photo  Daisy in front of Bus 114  Andew Bus Driver calling Daisy to receive award  Andrew presenting Certificate to Daisy


    Transportation's Annual Witch's Brew Event - October 31, 2019

    This year we had 5 chile pots of everyone's favorite chile.  We then combined all the pots to create the Witch's Brew.  The employees brought in their favorite side dishes and the luncheon was delicious!!!  We also had a costume and pumpkin contest. We had lots of entries. 

    Shalera Reanier -1st place Costume - Woman on the 'Ring'

    Cindy Barnicz-Hebert - 2nd place Costume - Fire

    Jennifer Rivera and Kelly Jiron - 1st Place Pumpkin

    Robert Martinez - 2nd Place Pumpkim

    Take a look at some of the costumes and pumpkin displays

    Cindy B - Fire place  Jen and Kelly Jill the Lady Bug Sara the Pirate Shalera - Woman on the Ring Mary, Mrs Devil Geraldine, Dora

    TheTransportation Team White Pumpkin Pumpkin with Cap


     Mapleton Homecoming Event September 20, 2019

    The Transportation Department participated in this year's Parade.  We decorated the Purple Bus, filled baskets of candy and tossed the candy to all the students and their families lined up on boh sides of the street.  Fun was had by all.


    Decorate Purple Bus


    Mapleton Backpacks Distribution

    During the month of July, our Transportation staff, Robert Martinez, Sabrina Solano, Jennifer Rivera and Kelly Jiron, were working feverishly to fill backpacks with school supplies. This year there was a record number of backpacks filled... 600!  These backpacks were placed on the Purple school bus and taken to the Global Campus for distribution on August 2nd.


    Lola and Jennifer with backpacks  Supplies and backpacks Line to receive backpacks Robert M. handing out backpacks Backpack distribution

    Student Rider of the Month for September, 2019

    Caitlin L. is Transportation’s ‘Student Rider of the Month’ for September.  Caitlin is in the 6th grade and attends Trailside Academy.  Caitlin was nominated by Cathy Lucero, her bus driver and Debra Dorman, the bus para.  Cathy shared the following about Caitlin: “Caitlin is the most kind and respectful student on our bus.  She is always willing to help, especially with her brother Gavin.  She is caring and nurturing and helps her brother keep calm and interacts with him to keep him busy.  When her brother is not at school, Caitlin quietly enjoys reading her book.” Thank you, Caitlin!


    Caitlin in front of Bus 146 "Buffalo" Caitlin sitting in bus  Cathy calling Caitlin to recceive Certificate  Cathy and Deb presenting Certificate  to Caitlin  Caitlin with Cathy, Bus Driver & Deb, Para

    Second Student Rider of the Month for September, 2019

    Linden G. is our second "Student Rider of the Month" for September.  Linden is in the 8th grade and attends Clayton Partnership.  Linden was nominated by Becky Rudy, his bus driver and Crystal L., the bus para.  Becky shared the following comments about Linden: “Linden has been a great help to us while on the bus and is very cooperative.  He treats everyone nicely.  He always waits his turn when getting on and off the bus.  Linden mentors and helps the younger students by teaching them how to scan their Paw Passes and helps them to stand in line when they are boarding or exiting the bus.  He is very considerate and has been the perfect student.  Linden has good manners.”  Congratulations, Linden!

     Linden G in front of bus Linden


    Transportation News & EventsCNG Bus

    Mapleton students are enjoying catching a ride in our new compressed natural gas school buses. As of October 2019, we have eleven compressed natural gas school buses. We are grateful to Noble Energy and Regional Air Quality Control for their generous grants that helped make this possible. 


     The "Garage" (aka the Auto Repair Shop)

    Tom Tucker, Garage Manager has had a few staff changes during the summer.  We would like to welcome Ian McFadin, Auto Shop Mechanic.  Ian began at Mapleton in May 2019 and has diligently been working throughout the summer to have the buses ready for this school year.  We also have another mechanic who has joined the team.   Tim Spicer is our newest Mechanic who comes to us from Cherry Creek.  Tim started working with us in August and has 12 years school bus experience. Please help us welcome both Ian and Tim.

    Fleet Maintenance welcomes Jose and Victor back for a second year of intership.  Both students attend “Big Picture College and Career Academy” and continue to do their internships in vehicle maintenance throughout the 2019-20 school year.  Jose and Victor have been learning about fixing district school buses and fleet trucks as part of the training. They are eager to learn and will do anything they are asked. They have removed valuable parts, that can still be used, from old buses that have been retired. Tom also stated that they keep the service trucks clean and professional looking, and they help keep the shop clean.  Tom and entire staff want to thank them for all they are doing and hope they are teaching the students some valuable lessons and skills they can use in the future.