Mapleton Backpacks Distribution

    During the month of July, our Transportation staff, Robert Martinez, Sabrina Solano, Jennifer Rivera and Kelly Jiron, were working feverishly to fill backpacks with school supplies. This year there was a record number of backpacks filled... 600!  These backpacks were placed on the Purple school bus and taken to the Global Campus for distribution on August 2nd.


    Lola and Jennifer with backpacks  Supplies and backpacks Line to receive backpacks Robert M. handing out backpacks Backpack distribution

    Student Rider of the Month for September, 2019

    Caitlin L. is Transportation’s ‘Student Rider of the Month’ for September.  Caitlin is in the 6th grade and attends Trailside Academy.  Caitlin was nominated by Cathy Lucero, her bus driver and Debra Dorman, the bus para.  Cathy shared the following about Caitlin: “Caitlin is the most kind and respectful student on our bus.  She is always willing to help, especially with her brother Gavin.  She is caring and nurturing and helps her brother keep calm and interacts with him to keep him busy.  When her brother is not at school, Caitlin quietly enjoys reading her book.” Thank you, Caitlin!


    Caitlin in front of Bus 146 "Buffalo" Caitlin sitting in bus

    Second Student Rider of the Month for September, 2019

    Linden G. is our second "Student Rider of the Month" for September.  Linden is in the 8th grade and attends Clayton Partnership.  Linden was nominated by Becky Rudy, his bus driver and Crystal L., the bus para.  Becky shared the following comments about Linden: “Linden has been a great help to us while on the bus and is very cooperative.  He treats everyone nicely.  He always waits his turn when getting on and off the bus.  Linden mentors and helps the younger students by teaching them how to scan their Paw Passes and helps them to stand in line when they are boarding or exiting the bus.  He is very considerate and has been the perfect student.  Linden has good manners.”  Congratulations, Linden!

     Linden G in front of bus Linden


    Transportation News & EventsCNG Bus

    Mapleton students are enjoying catching a ride in our new compressed natural gas school buses. As of October 2019, we have eleven compressed natural gas school buses. We are grateful to Noble Energy and Regional Air Quality Control for their generous grants that helped make this possible. 


     The "Garage" (aka the Auto Repair Shop)

    Tom Tucker, Garage Manager has had a few staff changes during the summer.  We would like to welcome Ian McFadin, Auto Shop Mechanic.  Ian began at Mapleton in May 2019 and has diligently been working throughout the summer to have the buses ready for this school year.  We also have another mechanic who has joined the team.   Tim Spicer is our newest Mechanic who comes to us from Cherry Creek.  Tim started working with us in August and has 12 years school bus experience. Please help us welcome both Ian and Tim.

    Fleet Maintenance welcomes Jose and Victor back for a second year of intership.  Both students attend “Big Picture College and Career Academy” and continue to do their internships in vehicle maintenance throughout the 2019-20 school year.  Jose and Victor have been learning about fixing district school buses and fleet trucks as part of the training. They are eager to learn and will do anything they are asked. They have removed valuable parts, that can still be used, from old buses that have been retired. Tom also stated that they keep the service trucks clean and professional looking, and they help keep the shop clean.  Tom and entire staff want to thank them for all they are doing and hope they are teaching the students some valuable lessons and skills they can use in the future.