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  • Chris Kemm, Head Coach




    Paul Fernandez, JV Head Coach

    Delicia Johnson, C-Team Head Coach

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    2022-2023 Important Dates


    Dates: October 24th - November 11th

    All registration will be online. Please click here to be sent to the registration site. Payment is also done online. Girls Basketball will be available for selection between the dates listed above.

    First Practice/Tryouts:

    Novemeber 14th, 2022



    Lady Wolverines Basketball Creed

    Alii Prae Me “Others before myself”, With our Skyview Basketball programs, it is always about more than basketball.  WE ARE FAMILY.  

    We accept each other, care about each other, and hold each other accountable, on and off the floor.  We love to work, play, and win.  We know that no one plays harder or deserves to win more than we do.  We understand that in a family there are many different roles to play.  We accept our roles.  We realize that the strength of our team is build around a love for our teammates, our preparation for battle, playing a logical game, and our ability to execute.  In life we know we sacrifice ourselves to be a part of something greater than ourselves, our TEAM. 

    Our strength comes from everyone understanding that only by putting team above self can our true greatness be found.  We are WOLVERINES that are physically and mentally tough.  We know that the best talent doesn't win championships, but the best TEAM does.  We make each day count on the court and off.  We live on purpose lives, we don’t want to be remembered merely as a basketball player, WE want to be remembered as best friends, teammates, and students.  We always are about more than basketball.  We aim for goals higher than ten feet. 

    Make each day a masterpiece in life, and live Alii Prae Me…


                             Be committed to:
                                             1.  your academics
                                             2.  be apart your classrooms
                                             3.  doing the right thing
                                             4.  to our lady wolverine basketball program
                                             5.  to your teammates
                              Be committed to:
                                             1.  Hard Work    
                                             2.  Becoming a smart player
                                             3.  To our team attitude concept
                                             4.  Commit yourself to a winning attitude
                                              1.  In our system
                                              2.  In yourself
                                              3.  In your teammates
                                              4.  In your coaches


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