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     No Girls Tennis news or updates at this current time. Stay tuned for future updates.


    Team Store 

    In need for some Girls Tennis fan gear? If so, our friends at BSN Sports have setup an online store focused on providing fan gear options themed to the Skyview Girls Tennis team. The shop includes various apparel items, equipment options, along with a few accessories. Most items will include Skyview Girls Tennis themed designs. All ordering is done online with BSN Sports directly. Orders will be shipped directly to the customer 2-4 week after the store closes. The store in already open and will close on March 13th.


    To visit the Girls Tennis team store, please click on the links below:



  • Program Goals

    It is the goal of the Skyview Girls Tennis program to develop exceptional student athletes who will develop a life-long passion for tennis, learn and display the highest level of sportsmanship, and learn how to win and lose graciously.


    Teammate Expectations

    Each student athlete is expected to be the best teammate they can be. Tennis is both an individual and team sport, but the individual student athlete is expected to put the team above their individual goals and accomplishments. Inappropriate behavior, negative attitudes, and drama will not be tolerated. Student athletes who display those behaviors will be dealt with individually and may be asked to leave the team.


Last Modified on February 18, 2020