• Explore PK-8 Dress Code (paused again for 2021-2022 school year)

    For the upcoming school year, we ask that all families follow the District standards for dress code outlined in our student behavior handbook, https://www.mapleton.us/Page/1734. Students are welcome and encouraged to show their school pride by wearing school colors, logos tees, and clothing that follows uniform guidelines that they may already have. If families are interested in school logo shirts, please contact individual school directors and they will assist in getting these items. 

    Students at Explore also honor the following general dress code:

    • Clothing needs to be functional for school. Students have Adventure Fitness on most days and therefore should not wear items such as high heels, loosely tied shoes, or dangling earrings.
    • Heely wheels create safety hazards and should not be worn to school. 
    • While inside the building students do not wear hats or use music devices at Explore.

    Preschool students are exempt from the dress code. 

    As described above, it is essential that students dress appropriately for cold weather (no shorts and always bring a jacket in the winter please) and that all clothing shows the utmost respect for the wearer, other students, the school and learning. 

     If providing appropriate clothing, coats or shoes is a financially challenging task for families, please inquire with school staff as to available resources for help and support.