• Phase 3: Planning and Design

Global Intermediate (4-8) Construction Updates

  • UPDATE – May 6, 2019

    Posted by Andy Leapley on 5/6/2019
    • On the Broadway Campus, crews have nearly finished removing the debris from the demolition of the John Dewey/Global building. 
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  • UPDATE – April 29, 2019

    Posted by Andy Leapley on 4/29/2019
    • North of the Broadway Campus, demolition of the John Dewey/Global building is nearly complete. Excavators have been hard at work moving brick and steel, which will be removed from the site over the next few weeks. Once the site is clear, crews can begin work on Global Intermediate Academy, which will serve students in grades 4 – 8.
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  • UPDATE – March 8, 2019

    Posted by Andy Leapley on 3/8/2019
    • FF&E services will be provided by OfficeScapes to maintain design continuity across the Global Campus. An initial furniture meeting with OfficeScapes was held in February to discuss design concepts; o Design team is working with Group 14 to ensure that the designs meet CHPS requirements as mandated by BEST funding guidelines;
    • Abatement has progressed through Phase II;
    • Construction is currently scheduled to commence in spring 2019 and completion is expected summer 2020.
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  • UPDATE – February 1, 2019

    Posted by Andy Leapley on 2/1/2019
    • Excel Environmental has begun abatement/demolition activities at the original Global building with preparatory site work, including removal of decommissioned equipment. 
    • Interior finishes were proposed to the project team for review and refinement. 
    • Construction is currently scheduled to commence in March 2019 and completion is expected spring 2020. 


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  • UPDATE – January 11, 2019

    Posted by Andy Leapley on 1/11/2019
    • The updated schedule shows that construction will begin April 29, 2019, upon completion of abatement and demolition. This is a conservative schedule based on a worst-case abatement and demolition schedule. This shifts Neenan’s substantial completion date into May 2020, which is within NV5’s master schedule deadline of June 2020, as shown in Figure S1. This will still allow time for furniture installation and owner move-in before the start of school.
    • Abatement is scheduled to begin January 14, 2019, with demolition to be phased in following abatement progress through the buildings.
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  • UPDATE - November 2018

    Posted by Andy Leapley on 11/7/2018
    • Design drawings are anticipated on Nov. 8 for review
    • Procurement of the abatement/demolition contractor for the existing building is in progress. Bids are due early November. 
    • Construction is currently scheduled to commence in March 2019 and completion is expected spring 2020. 
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  • UPDATE - Aug. 2018

    Posted by Blackboard Trainer on 8/1/2018

    Big Green reviewed their learning garden layout with the design team on Aug. 30. Collaboration between Big Green and Neenan resulted in some minor design changes. 

    RLH Engineering is handling the schematic designs for abatement, demolition, and the construction process. 

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  • UPDATE - July 2018

    Posted by Blackboard Trainer on 7/1/2018

    Project design is roughly halfway through schematic design; the floorplan is nearing its final shape, and Neenan will progress through Schematic Design documents in preparation for a set review in early August. Neenan will then issue their first construction estimate at the end of August. 

    NV5 has begun the procurement process for an Environmental Consultant to oversee the abatement process at the existing building. NV5 and the District will award the contract by July 6, pending some additional feedback from the Mapleton Executive Team.

    The current project milestones of construction commencement in March 2019 and completion in March 2020 still appear to be achievable. Although the project contingencies appear adequate at this time, the budget is built on the assumption of receiving a BEST grant in the fall. If State funding is not received, a budget reduction will be required.

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Global Intermediate Academy

  • PreK-3, 4-8, 9-12: three replacement schools located on the current site

    Architects: The Neenan Company
    Builders: The Neenan Company
    Design work: May 2018
    Construction begins: January 2019
    Projected cost for Global Intermediate (4-8 ): $16.7 million

    The District applied for two state BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) grants this year to help pay for the PreK-3 and 4-8 schools but did not receive them. Mapleton plans to reapply for a BEST grant for the Global 4-8 school construction in 2018. Construction on the PreK-3 school will begin in August 2017.