• Meadow Community School Dress Code

    As a reminder, masks will be encouraged as much as possible and especially when in close proximity to other students/staff. Masks should also follow the District standard for dress codes. 

    The uniformed dress code at Meadow provides an environment conducive to optimal and safe learning. It helps remove unnecessary distractions and it helps reinforce the implementation, facilitation, and perpetuation of school unity and teamwork. All Meadow students will be required to adhere to a uniformed dress code. The uniformed dress code described below will be observed and enforced by all staff at Meadow Community School. 

    Uniformed Dress code at Meadow Community School – ALL STUDENTS 


    • Pants must be solid in color; pants must be navy blue, black, or khaki.
    • Slacks, cargo pants, corduroys, and capri pants may be worn to school as long as they are navy blue, black or khaki in color.
      Shorts may be worn to school as long as they are navy blue, black, or khaki in color and are not more than 4 inches above the middle of the kneecap.  A good way to test if the shorts or skirts are too short is to ask your child to place their arms at their sides.  If the garment falls below their fingertips, it is suitable.  If the garment is above their fingertips, it is too short. Shorts may not be tight-fitting or see-through.  No logos, designs, or adornments may be visible.
    • Only solid black, navy blue, or khaki colored dresses, skirts, and jumpers are allowed. 
    • Dresses, skirts, and jumpers may not be more than 4 inches above the middle of the kneecap and cannot be tight-fitting or see-through. No logos, designs, or adornments may be visible.
    • Pants and shorts that are baggy or sagging will not be allowed.  Pants with holes in them will not be allowed.
    • Denim jeans of any shade of blue, including navy blue, will not be allowed any day.
    • Denim jeans that are dark black in color are allowed.  Black denim jeans cannot include embellishments (i.e. rhinestones, sequins, rhinestones, decals, and/or bold white stitching); black jeans that are faded or grey are not allowed.
    • Leggings in khaki, black, and navy blue are allowed; however, if leggings are worn, uniformed dress code shirts must be at least as long as the student’s longest fingertip with his/her arms stretched down to his/her sides (shirts must fully cover a student’s backside).   
    • Sweatpants, sweat shorts, and pajama pants may not be worn (unless it is a designated, school-wide pajama day).
    • Belts should be solid, dark-colored cloth (navy blue, dark brown or black), leather or vinyl with no logos.  Belts should not have spikes or rings on them and should not have excess hanging on the belt from the waistline.


    • Shirts must have collars and can be any shade of blue, green, purple, gray, pink, brown, orange or white.
    • Shirts in the colors of red, black and yellow are not uniform dress code colors.
    • Shirts must be solid in color, stripes, polka dots, patterns, logos, etc. are not allowed.
    • Shirts should not have a logo or brand name on them larger than the size of a quarter.
    • All shirts must be either long-sleeved or short-sleeved and have a collar with buttons.  Button-down or polo shirts with collars and 2-3 buttons down the front are allowed.  No more than two (2) top buttons may be unbuttoned.
    • Turtlenecks, sweaters, or sweater vests following the same color guidelines are allowed to be worn at school; sweat vests must be worn with a blue, green, purple, gray, pink, brown, orange or white shirt underneath.
    • A student’s shirt should not be the same color as his/her pants.  For example, if a student is wearing navy blue slacks, a navy blue polo shirt should not be worn with it.
    • Any shirt, short-sleeve or long-sleeve, worn under a uniformed dress code shirt must adhere to the same color guidelines: it must be blue, green, purple, gray, pink, brown, orange or white and be solid in color (no stripes, polka dots, pattern, logo, etc should be visible underneath a student’s dress code shirt.
    • Pullover Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and Zip-Up Sweatshirts will not be allowed.  Shirts adhering to the uniformed Dress Code must be visible at all times.

    Cleanliness and Neatness

    Clothing must be maintained in a clean and neat appearance at all times.  Hats, sunglasses and hoods up will not be allowed inside the building.

    Personal Grooming

    Hair: only natural hair colors are permitted; in other words, only black, brown, blonde, and natural red hair color is allowed.  Hair should not be dyed purple, green, blue, pink, turquoise, and orange.
    Piercings: earrings should only be worn in ears.  If a student has a facial piercing, he/should not come to school with a ring in the pierced location (i.e. nose, eyebrow, lip, cheek, tongue, chin, etc.).

    Consequences for Dress Code Violation

    First violation: phone contact home with a request to bring dress code appropriate clothes to school.
    Second, Third, Fourth, etc. violations: students will be asked to change into uniformed dress code clothes available to them at Meadow.
    After 3 dress code violations, students will spend their lunch/recess in Think It Through.
    Appeals may be made to the School Director of Meadow Community School.

    Exceptions to Dress Code

    The dress code policy will be implemented the first and last day of school and every day in-between with the exception of special days as designated and communicated by Administration.  On any day that is designated a “free dress day,” students are expected to follow the District Dress Code guidelines as indicated in the Students Behavior Standards Handbook.


    If you have questions or concerns, please contact the main office at 303.853.1500.