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  • Message regarding Football for the 2020-2021 Year


    In accordance with the CHSAA decision for football to be held in the Fall or Spring, Skyview High/Mapleton will participate in the Spring season. Please refer to the CHSAA website for those dates.


    Message regarding CHSAA 2020-2021 Activities Calendar


    Attached here is the calendar that CHSAA has put in place for the 2020-2021 school year. The seasons are now called A, B, C, D. The dates of each season has changed, the number of competitions has been decreased, and some sports have been moved to different times of the year.


    Mapleton/Skyview High will not have any sports for the A (Fall) season. These sports include Softball, Cross Country, and Cheerleading. We are hopeful that we can resume sports for the B, C, & D seasons beginning January 4, 2021, but that will all be depending on what is going on at that time with COVID-19. The Athletics Dept. will be posting this on their athletic page. We will also be working to reschedule all competitions for these next seasons as per the guidelines set forth by our League and CHSAA.





    Above is the link to CHSAA announcement made on August 4th, 2020. Additionally there is a link to view the schedule for the CHSAA website. Also, as previously stated, middle school sports are cancelled for the first semester; resuming them will also be dependent on the COVID-19 situation.

  • Mapleton Public Schools is proud to provide numerous athletic opportunities to our high school (9-12) level students. All high schools come together and compete under the Skyview High School name. High School athletics are comprised of three seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Below is a list of the available sports for high school athletes.


    Fall Sports:

    Cross Country


    Boys Soccer


    Girls Volleyball

    Fall & Winter Sport:


    Winter Sports:

    Boys Basketball

    Girls Basketball


    Spring Sports:


    Girls Soccer

    Girls Tennis

    Track & Field


    Note: Due to the COVID-19 situation, the 2020-2021 sporting season while look different to the model listed above. Please click here to view the CHSAA's modified 2020-2021 sports schedule. 


    High School school teams practice every day after school, from Monday-Friday. Practice normally goes from 4-6 p.m. Please reach out to your sports head coach for the location of practices. 

    Team Levels

    All high school teams, with Skyview Athletics, is divided into two parts: Sub-varsity and Varsity. 


    Sub-varsity levels are C-Team and Junior Varsity (JV). These teams focus on the development of skills necessary for that specific sport. The goal of sub-varsity teams are to develop athletes for possible varsity level participation.


    The Varsity level is the most competitive member of each team. Varsity team member earns a sport based on skill and conduct, which is determined by the head coach. Athletes can earn an athletic letter if they have met the necessary requirements with the varsity team.


    Colorado League

     Colorado League Logo

    Skyview Athletics is a proud member of the Colorado League (formerly known as the Colorado 7 League). The league is home to the following eight schools: Alameda, Arvada, Conifer, Englewood, Fort Lupton, Riverdale Ridge, Skyview, and Weld Central.



Registration Dates

  • 2020-2021 Sport Registration

    Season A*

    (Cross Country, Softball)



    Season B*

    (Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Boys & Girls Wrestling, Cheerleading)

    Opens: TBD

    Closes: TBD

    First Practice: January 4th, 2021


    Season C*


    Opens: TBD

    Closes: TBD

    First Practice: February 22nd, 2021


    (Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball)

    Opens: TBD

    Closes: TBD

    First Practice: March 4th, 2021


    Season D*

    (Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis, Baseball, Boys/Girls Track and Field)

    Opens: TBD

    Closes: TBD

    First Practice: April 29th, 2021


    * All dates are subject to change/cancellation depending on the COVID-19 situation.


  • The Colorado High School Actives Association (CHSAA) is requiring all high school level student-athletes to create an account with ArbiterAthlete to participate in high school sports. Student-athletes MUST activate their account before they can participate in any team activities. 

    For more information, please visit the ArbiterAthlete page for more information, links to ArbiterAthlete, and directions on how to register. 

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