• Regulations and Exhibits

    Index of Regulation and Exhibits Codes (Click Here)

    Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

    AC-R  Regulation: Complaint and Compliance Process
    AC-R1  Regulation: Nondiscrimination Equal Opportunity Complaint and Compliance Process
    AC-R2  Regulation: Sex-Based Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedures
    AC-E1  Exhibit: Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity Notice
    AC-E2  Exhibit: Sample Complaint Form
    ADD-E  Exhibit: Annual Safe Schools Report
    ADE-E  Exhibit: Innovation in Education
    ADE-R  Regulation: Innovation in Education
    ADF-R  Regulation: School Wellness
    ADF-E  Exhibit: School Wellness Building Compliance and Progress Checklist
    AE-R1  Regulation: The School District Accountability Committee
    AE-R2  Regulation: School Accountability Committees

    Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

    BBB-E  Exhibit: School Board Director District Descriptions
    BBB-E2  Exhibit: Mapleton Director District Map
    BEC-E  Exhibit: Confidentiality Compliance Affidavit
    BG-R  Regulation: Waiver Requests

    Section C: General School Administration

    CCA-E  Exhibit: Organization Chart - Departments

    Section D: Fiscal Management

    DAB-E   Exhibit: Financial Administration_Timeline for Posting Financial Information
    DBG-E1  Exhibit: Deadlines in the Budgeting Process
    DBG-E2  Exhibit: Notice of Proposed Budget
    DD-R  Regulation: Funding Proposals, Grants, and Special Projects
    DG-R  Regulation: Receipt and Deposit of Funds
    DJB-E1  Exhibit: Federal Grants checklist
    DJB-E2  Exhibit: Sole Source form
    DJB-R  Regulation: Federal Procurement
    DJE-R  Regulation: Bidding Procedures
    DKC-R  Regulation: Expense Authorization_Reimbursement
    DKC-E1  Exhibit: Conference Reimbursement Form
    DKC-E2  Exhibit: Request for Check Form
    DKC-E3  Exhibit: Conference Expense Form
    DKC-E4  Exhibit: Mileage Expense Form

    Section E: Support Services

    EBBA-R  Regulation: Prevention of Disease Infection Transmission Regulation
    EEAEAA-R  Regulation: Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus Drivers
    EEAEF-R  Regulation: Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles
    EEAG-E  Exhibit: Student Transportation in Private Vehicles MOU
    EF-E1  Exhibit: School Meal Payments
    EF-E2  Exhibit: Civil Rights Complaint Procedure for School Nutrition Program
    EFEA-E  Exhibit: Healthy Beverages Standards for Schools

    Section F: Facilities Planning and Development

    FB-R  Regulation: Facilities Planning Regulation
    FBC-R  Regulation: Prioritization of Facility Improvements Regulation

    Section G: Personnel

    GBEB-R2  Regulation: Staff Conduct and Responsibilities
    GBEC-E  Exhibit: Drug Free Workplace Acknowledgement
    GBEE-E1  Exhibit: Annual Acceptable Use Agreement
    GBEE-E2  Exhibit: Teacher Technology Responsibilities
    GBGA-R  Regulation: Staff Health
    GCE_GCF-R  Regulation: Professional Staff Recruiting Hiring
    GCI-E1  Exhibit: Request for Conference Attendance Approval
    GCO-R  Regulation: Evaluation of Licensed Personnel
    GCQA-E1  Exhibit: Notice Letter Reduction in Force
    GCQA-E2  Exhibit: Statement of Fiscal Exigency
    GCQA-R  Regulation: Instructional Staff Reduction in Force
    GCQC/GCQD-R  Regulation: Resignation of Instructional Staff Administrative Staff
    GCQF-R  Regulation: Discipline Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff
    GDE_GDF-R  Regulation: Support Staff Recruiting Hiring

    Section H: Negotiations


    Section I: Instruction

    IHAM-R  Regulation: Health and Family Life Sex Education
    IHBK-R  Regulation: Preparation for Postsecondary and Workforce Success
    IHCDA-R  Regulation: Concurrent Enrollment
    IJJ-R  Regulation: Textbook Selection and Adoption
    IJOA-R  Regulation: Field Trips Regulation
    IJOC-E  Exhibit: Volunteer Application
    IJOC-E2  Exhibit: Volunteer Agreement
    IKA-E  Exhibit: Assessment Opt-Out Form
    IKA-R  Regulation: Grade Challenge
    IKA-R2  Regulation: Grading Assessment Systems
    IKE-E  Exhibit: Primary Program Appeal Form
    IKF-R  Regulation: Graduation Guidelines Menu of Options
    IKF-E  Exhibit: Early Graduation Request
    IKF-E1   Exhibit: Independent Research Project Forms
    IKF-E2  Exhibit: Capstone Rubrics
    IKF-E3  Exhibit: Community Service Project Forms
    IKF-E4  Exhibit: ICAP Checklist
    ILBC-R  Regulation: Procedures to Implement the Colorado READ Act

    Section J: Students

    JF-E  Exhibit: Admission and Denial of Admission
    JFABB-R  Regulation: Admission of Non-immigrant Foreign Exchange Students
    JFABE-R  Regulation: Students in Foster Care
    JFBA-R  Regulation: In-District Choice/Enrollment
    JFBB-R  Regulation: InterDistrict Choice Open Enrollment
    JFC-R  Regulation: Student Withdrawal from School Dropout
    JH-R  Regulation: Student Absences and Excuses
    JICEA-R  Regulation: School-Related Student Publications
    JICEC-R  Regulation: Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials
    JICH-R  Regulation: Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
    JICI-E  Exhibit: Weapons in School Gun-Free Schools Act
    JII-R  Regulation: Student Concerns Complaints and Grievances
    JJE-E  Exhibit: Fund Raising Activity Request Form
    JJE-R  Regulation: Student Fund-Raising Activities
    JJF-R  Regulation: Student Activities Funds
    JJF-E  Exhibit: Student Activities Funds
    JK-R  Regulation: Remedial Discipline Plans
    JKA-R  Regulation: Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint
    JKA-E  Exhibit: Incident Report Form
    JKA-E2  Exhibit: Complaint Procedures and Regulations Regarding the Use of Restraint or Seclusion
    JKBA-R  Regulation: Disciplinary Removal from the Classroom
    JKD/JKE-R   Regulation Suspension-Expulsion of Students Hearing Process
    JKD/JKE-E  Exhibit: Grounds for Suspension Expulsion
    JLCB-R  Regulation: Immunization of Students
    JLCD-R  Regulation: Administering Medications to Students
    JLCD-E  Exhibit: Permission for Administering Medication at School
    JLCDA-E  Exhibit: Allergy Anaphylaxis Form CDPHE
    JLCDB-R  Regulation: Administration of Medical Marijuana to Qualified Students 
    JLCDB-E  Exhibit: Written Plan
    JLF-R  Regulation: Reporting Child Abuse Child Protection
    JRA_JRC-R  Regulation: Review Amendment and Hearing Procedures
    JRA_JRC-E1  Exhibit: Notification to Parents and Students of Rights Concerning Student Education Records
    JRA_JRC-E2  Exhibit: Opt-Out Form for Disclosure of Information to Military Recruiters
    JRA_JRC-E3  Exhibit: Opt-Out Form for Student Image Publishing
    JRCB-R  Regulation: Privacy and Protection of Confidential Student Information
    JS-E  Exhibit: Student Annual Acceptable Use Agreement


    Section K: School Community Home Relations

    KDB-R  Regulation: Publics Right to Know Freedom of Information Regulation
    KDBA-E  Exhibit: Parent Notification of Employee Criminal Charges
    KDDA-R  Regulation: Press Releases, Conferences, and Interviews Regulation
    KE-E  Exhibit: Formal Complaint Form
    KE-R  Regulation: Public Concerns and Complaints
    KF-R  Regulation: Community Use of School Facilities
    KHC-R  Regulation: Distribution Posting of Noncurricular Materials Regulation


    Section L: Education Agency Relations

    LBD-E  Exhibit: District Charter School Intent to Apply Form
    LBD-R  Regulation: Relations with Charter Schools