Performing Arts Staff

  • Band Contact Information:

    Zach Brake, Beginning Band at Meadow, Explore, Achieve and York | Zero Hour MS Band | 303.853.1225

    Mary Kate McNally, Beginning Band at Monterey and Clayton | Zero Hour HS Band | 303.853.1228

    Caroline Siegel, Beginning Band at Welby, Trailside, Adventure and Global | Zero Hour MS Band | 303.853.5081

    Kirby Dillmann, High School Guitar at York | Zero Hour HS Band | 303.853.1224


    Orchestra Contact Information:

    Jennifer Chaplin, Beginning Orchestra at Welby, Trailside, Adventure and Global | Zero Hour HS Orchestra | 303.853.5082

    Caroline Gonzales, Beginning Orchestra at Monterey, Explore and Clayton | Zero Hour MS Orchestra | 303.853.1230

    Nicholas Johnson, Beginning Orchestra at Meadow, Achieve and York | Zero Hour MS Orchestra | 303.853.1229


    Choir Contact Information:

    Evelyn Ripsom, Beginning Choir at Monterey, Explore, Achieve and Clayton | Zero Hour Assistant MS/HS Choir | 303.853.1232

    Jessi Short, Beginning Choir at Meadow and York, High School Drama at MEC | Zero Hour MS Choir | 303.853.1217

    Missy Weyer, Beginning Choir at Trailside, Adventure and Global | Zero Hour HS Choir | 303.853.5083


    Administration Contact Information:

    Robin Cutting, Performing Arts Director | 303.853.1223

    Greg Piotraschke, Mapleton Arts Center (MAC) Building Manager | 303.853.4871

    Martha Geonetta, Performing Arts Secretary | 303.853.4870