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Choice and Enrollment in Mapleton Public Schools

  • New to Mapleton? I am interested in applying and do not have any children currently enrolled in Mapleton. Link

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  • Current Family? My child is already enrolled in a Mapleton school and I need to select a school for the upcoming year. Link

  • Current Mapleton families:

    Complete the Annual Update 

    If your child is continuing on at their current school in August 2022, please complete the Annual Update. Completing the Annual Update confirms your child’s placement in their current school and gives you an opportunity to update your contact information on file, if necessary.


    If your child needs to select another Mapleton school, or you have another child planning to start in Mapleton in the fall, please enter your placement request by completing the Annual Update as soon as possible for the best chance of placement into your first-choice school. 


    If you are not returning to Mapleton next fall, please notify your school’s main office about your plans. You do not need to complete the Annual Update.


  • School Finder link

  • SchoolFinder 

    There is a NEW way to Discover, Choose, and Succeed in Mapleton! 

    SchoolFinder is a one-stop-shop, easy-to-use website for families interested in finding the best Mapleton school for their children. 

    Using SchoolFinder, you can search Mapleton's schools by:

    • School model (EL, IB, STEM/Project Lead the Way, Online, Leadership, Performing and Visual Arts, and more!)
    • Grade level
    • Interests
    • Activities, and
    • Location

    You can also compare Mapleton schools to find the best fit for your family! 


    SchoolFinder highlights the important information you need when researching, discovering, and comparing Mapleton’s schools that are small-by-design.   

    With SchoolFinder, you and your children can take an in-depth look at all Mapleton school models and compare them to find the best fit for you based on your learning style and interests!