Why I Work Here

  • From family-like environments to small-by-design schools, we know Mapleton is a great place to work, but we thought we would let some of our teachers tell you what they like about working in Mapleton. Check out Mapleton’s #WhyIWorkHere video series to hear from teachers and staff throughout the district why you should consider joining the Mapleton team today!

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  • Family-like environment 

    Ms. Usher, Monterey Community School 2nd Grade Teacher

  • The Mapleton Community

    Ms. Eichert, North Valley English Teacher

  • Classroom Strategy & Professional Development

    Ms. Alcantar-Campbell, Global Leadership Academy Design Teacher

  • Leadership Opportunities & Professional Development

    Ms. Thorman, Global Leadership Academy Math Teacher

  • Relationships & Family-Like Environment

    Mr. Cochren, North Valley Science Teacher

  • School Models & Technology 

    Ms. Lopez, 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher at Clayton Partnership School

  • Support for New Teachers 

    Mr. Rundle, 3rd Grade Teacher