• walking to school Tips for Walking Safely to School

    The following tips come from the National Center for Safe Routes to School.



    Follow these tips to make sure you get to and from school safely. 

    Walk together

    Younger children should always walk with an adult. Tell your parents that walking is great exercise and a nice way to spend time together.

    If your parents say that you can walk to school on your own, remember these tips:

    • Walk with a friend when possible.
    • Ask your parents to help you pick a safe route to school; one that avoids dangers.
    • Stick to the route you picked with your parents. Don’t let friends talk you into shortcuts that are more dangerous.
    • When you are near the street, don’t push, shove, or chase each other.
    • Never hitchhike or take rides from people not arranged by your parents.
    • Talk to your parents and teacher about any bullying that may happen during your walk.


    Be seen

    Remember, drivers may not be able to see you well. Always wear bright-colored clothes and if it is dark or hard to see, carry flashlights or wear reflective gear.

    Look for traffic

    Watch out for cars and trucks at every driveway and intersection on your walk to school. Look for drivers in parked cars. They may be getting ready to move.

    Cross the street safely

    • Stop at the curb or edge of the street.
    • Look left, right, left and behind you and in front of you for traffic.
    • Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing.
    • Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing.
    • Walk, don’t run across the street.