Mapleton High Fives

  • The ‘high-five’ is a nearly universal symbol celebrating and acknowledging a job well done.

    HIGH FIVE FRIDAY ‘High-five’ worthy moments happen every day in Mapleton, in every school building, on every school bus, and within each department. These moments are always appreciated but can often go unrecognized as our to-do lists get longer and the days seem to move faster and faster.

    To encourage the celebration of Mapleton’s ‘high-five’ moments, we are thrilled to be launching “High-Five Fridays.” Every week, families, students and staff are invited to share who in the Mapleton community deserves a high-five and why. All high-five moments from the week will be shared every Friday on our district website and social media. High-fives will also be published in our monthly family and staff newsletters.   

    To share your ‘high-five’ celebration, email