• Student Rider of the Month for November 2022

    Patricio has been nominated as the "Student Rider of the Month" for November 2022 by Jolene Garcia, a bus driver.  Patricio is a 12th grader and attends Laradon School.  Jolene said the following, "Patricio is a special young man with many challenges that he has overcome. He does not verbally communicate; however, he does understand what you are saying."  Jolene has had many successes with Patricio the past few months.  This is Patricio's last school year, and we wish him a positive future.  Congratulations Patricio!


    Hocus Pocus Halloween Event - October 2022

    The Transportation staff celebrated Halloween this year.  The theme was Hocus Pocus and the menu consisted of Maggot Beef Stew, Frankenstein green dip, Life Potion cheese dip, Mummy hot dogs, Vampire salsa, Black Cat fruit tray and various other dishes.  We also had a costume and pumpkin contest.  The pumpkin displays were very creative, especially since the pumpkins could not be carved.  Transportation employees had a wonderful time.  I have included several photos.

    Ingrid, Sabrina and Lola  Sabrina  Wilma and Pebbles  Banana, Hot Dog & Taco  Yoda and Mom  Devil and Witch  Roaring Twenties  Ghost

      Cookie Monster & Big Bird  Creative Pumpkins Pumpkin displays Pumpkin Displays



    Student Riders of the Month for October 2022

    Oliver has been nominated as the "Student Rider of the Month" for October 2022 by Mary Moore, a bus driver.  Oliver is a 4th grader and attends Spectra.  Mary said the following, “Oliver is a real joy to have on the Whale bus/van.  Oliver is a ‘happy go lucky’ young man that meets the bus/van with a smile every morning.  He is very patient waiting for other students to get ready to leave school.  He will offer verbal support to the other students who are having a hard day.  I really enjoy having Oliver on my bus.  He makes my day every day!” Congratulations Oliver!


    Oliver with Certificate

    Jeremiah has been nominated as the 2nd "Student Rider of the Month" for October 2022 by Armando Ojeda, a bus driver.  Jeremiah is a 2nd grader and attends Evoke. Armando said the following, “Jeremiah is always in a good mood and happy to see me.  He always asks how I am doing during both the am and pm routes.  He is very polite and stays in his seat until it is time for him to get off the bus.  I have been driving a school bus for many years and he is one of the best students I have ever met.  He is one of the reasons I want to continue being a bus driver.”  Congratulations Jeremiah!


    Jeremiah with Certificate

    Jocelyn has been nominated as the 3rd "Student Rider of the Month" for October 2022 by Roanne Romero, a bus driver.  Jocelyne is a 7th grader and attends Trailside. Roanne said the following, “Jocelyne approached me and asked if she could help with the emergency evacuation. She took the initiative, helping the kids get out of the rear door of the bus. She did not show any fear and did not slow down.  She deserves to be the Student Rider of the Month.” Congratulations Jocelyne!

    Jocelyne School Photo   Jocelyne with Certificate


    Michael has been nominated as the 4th "Student Rider of the Month" for October 2022 by Trevor Rivera, a bus driver.  Michael is a Pre-K student and attends POP.  Trevor said the following, “Michael is a joy to have on my Zebra bus.  He always brings a smiling face when he boards the bus.  He has learned to buckle himself in his Besi seat.  This is a huge help to me since we have 4 other Pre-K students to buckle in when they all board the bus at the same stop.  When we are at the railroad tracks, before crossing, he always announces the bus is getting ready to cross the tracks and asks for quiet, then thanks all the students after we cross the tracks.  Thank you Michael for all your help.”  Congratulations Michael!

    Michael's School Photo  Michael with Trevor, Bus Driver


    Student Rider of the Month for September 2022

    Neeko has been nominated as the "Student Rider of the Month" for September 2022 by Robert Martinez.  Neeko is an 8th grader and attends Explore. Robert said the following, “Neeko is the most respectful student that rides on my bus.  He acknowledges me by saying, ‘Good Morning’ and always has a smile on his face.  He is very helpful and assists me by buckling up the Pre-K students.  He wants to help me, so I don’t have to get up.  Neeko is a ‘Great’ kid.  Congratulations Neeko!


    Neeko's School Photo  Neeko in front of MPS Van




    Buster the Bus II!!!

    Buster the Bus II has been very active this school year, visiting various schools.  The Buster Safety Program was rolled out in October.  This program has taught students, in Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade, about bus safety, which includes how to board and leave the bus, and how to cross the street at the stops.  They are also taught the importance of having a Paw Pass when boarding the bus.

    This is the October schedule:

    Clayton - October 11th

    Global - October 4th

    Achieve - October 10th

    Meadow - October 13th

    Monterey - October 7th

    Explorer - October 19th

    Trailside - October 14th

    Welby - October 11th

    York - October 3rd

    POP - October 20th 

    Buster the Bus with Adventure Students  Buster the Bus with Adventure students-2                    



        Buster the Bus presenting to the Meadow student s              Buster the Bus Dancing at the Meadow event.