Remote Learning

  • Review the Remote Learning Expectations (en español).


    Mapleton Public Schools is committed to delivering high-quality, student-centered learning for all of our students. In the event a cohort, school, or the district should need to engage in remote learning, we are prepared to respond quickly with minimal disruptions to teaching and learning. During remote learning, students will continue to learn new content and work toward mastering grade-level standards. Just like during in-person learning, teachers will prepare and plan instruction using the Colorado Academic Standards while keeping students engaged and on track.


    Canvas Learning Management System

    All Mapleton schools and teachers are using the Canvas learning management system as the platform to deliver online instruction. Canvas allows teachers to create a learning experience that is a combination of in-person learning and digital content. Using their Canvas account, students are able to access lessons, assignments, discussions, quizzes, live instruction, videos, grades, and more from anywhere with an internet connection. Parents and students are encouraged to download the Canvas app to access courses and class information from a mobile device. View the Canvas parent user guides for more information. 

    Canvas Parent Log in

    Canvas Student Log in

  • computer Participation, Expectations, and Teacher Interactions

    Students will have daily schedules and will be expected to log in on time and participate in virtual class, just like a regular in-person school day. During remote learning, teachers will monitor and track:

    • Attendance (daily)
    • Student engagement (daily)
    • Grades (weekly)

    Students will have daily, scheduled, live interactions with their teachers, as well as opportunities for small group interactions. Students can expect to engage in live instruction for 3-4 hours a day, depending on grade level.

    • Elementary school: 3 hours
    • Middle school: 4 hours
    • High school: 4 hours

    Throughout the remainder of the day, students will participate in both digital and non-digital independent learning experiences. Teachers plan instruction with flexible, realistic expectations and timelines for students to complete assignments. Teachers also offer multiple opportunities and different ways for students to share their learning with classmates.  

    Review the Remote Learning Expectations (en español).


    Schedules will be determined by school leadership and will be distributed to students and families prior to the start of remote learning. Students will have a consistent schedule and will receive a weekly plan from their teachers on a scheduled day for the following week. Families will be included in this communication.

  • desk top How to prepare for remote learning:

    Students and families can be ready for remote learning by: 

    • Preparing device, headphones, and all learning materials (including usernames and passwords) ahead of scheduled learning times
    • Interacting through the Canvas learning management system daily 
    • Participating with best effort in all activities prepared by the teacher
    • Knowing the scheduled times to engage in learning
    • Knowing the due dates of assignments and completing assignments on time
    • Knowing how to contact the teacher for questions and to request help when needed


  • English Language Learners (ELLS): 

    Mapleton staff continue to collaborate to meet the needs of English language learners and their families in a remote learning environment. Educators work collaboratively to determine appropriate language support for students to access content and demonstrate understanding. For dual-language students at Adventure Elementary, teachers will continue to provide literacy instruction in both English and Spanish. 


    Students with Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) 

    Mapleton teachers and IEP service providers meet to plan for the needs of students with disabilities in a remote learning environment. They collaborate with families to determine how IEP services will be delivered remotely to the greatest extent possible. Related service providers, such as mental health providers, speech-language pathologists, and motor therapists, serve students remotely and offer activities for families to use at home.   


    Gifted & Talented Students 

    The Gifted and Talented (GT) department continues to support schools, gifted learners, and their families through remote learning. The Gifted Resource Teacher (GRT) assigned to each school has designated office hours each week. Gifted Resource Teachers are working with schools to support the Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) implementation, progress monitoring, and goal completion for identified gifted learners. GT identification referrals continue to be accepted, although determinations may not be finalized until a complete body of evidence can be gathered when normal operations resume. 


  • Technology Support 

    If your child is experiencing any of the following issues with his/her device, please email the IT Help Desk at or call the Help Desk at 303.853.1057.

    • Physical repairs/damage-  keys falling off, battery won’t charge, the screen is cracked, etc.
    • Technical issues/concerns - won’t turn on, needs to refresh or reboot, etc.
    • Difficulties using/navigating the device - password needs reset, log in is incorrect, needs specific apps, etc.

     Please include the following information: 

    • Student’s first and last name
    • Student’s school and grade
    • Your contact information – home phone, cell phone, and email  
    • Please tell us if the device is a Chromebook or iPad
    • The Asset tag number from the back or bottom of the device ( looks like a barcode, begins with the letter A)
    • A description of the problem

    Your Help Desk request will be assigned to an IT technician who will contact you immediately to address the issue or schedule an appointment to swap your device.

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