• Mapleton Public Schools - Device Loan Agreement  

    Remote Learning Device Expectations and Commitments   

    School Commitments:

    • District Resources:  Mapleton Public Schools (MPS) will provide a copy of all required apps and content at no cost to you. 
    • Support:  MPS will provide you with resources and help through the district’s website. 
    • Information:  Your school and MPS commit to providing online resources, information and dates about the program on the school’s website and at the Limitless Learning Technology Plan (LLTP) website. 
    • Filters:  MPS filters inappropriate internet content while you are at school and while away from school.  


    Student Expectations: 

    Ownership:  If you transfer to another school or leave the district, you are expected to return the device along with charging cable(s) in good condition because the equipment belongs to MPS, it does not belong to you. 

    Protective Case:  If you have an iPad, please keep it in the provided case at all times. Care should be taken to ensure Chromebooks are properly stored to ensure accidental damage does not occur. 

    Loss:  If you lose your device, you are expected to let your school know immediately and to provide information to help recover it if possible. 

    Policies and Rules:  You are expected to abide by the MPS Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications, Policy JS and any rules set by your school, teacher, or parent while using the iPad or Chromebook.  Because this learning device belongs to MPS, your school has the right to review the content at any time.

    Sharing and Respecting Privacy:  You should respect the privacy of others and not record, photograph, or share personal information of others unless you have their permission. 

    Restrictions:  You are expected to abide by the restrictions placed on your iPad or Chromebook and not attempt to bypass any limits set by the district, your school, or your family.

    Content:  You are expected to use good judgment in deciding what to load onto your device. Remember, your device is a learning tool and you may be asked to remove content that is not related to learning. 


    Family Expectations:

    • The MPS internet filter works when using the MPS network and while at home. You are encouraged to set boundaries, safeguards, and expectations for technology use at home that align with your family values.  The internet filter applications and setting should not be modified or circumvented to bypass web filtering.
    • You and your child are responsible for the care of this device. 
    • You have the right to monitor your child’s use of the device and know their passwords. Your school can assist, or you can find information on the LLTP website. 
    • The iPad provided to your child is intended to be a tool for learning. While you should ensure that it is accessible for schoolwork at home, you are encouraged to set healthy limits for home use. 
    • You have the right and the ability to use the device to extend your family’s learning. You and your family are encouraged to use the iPad to support your family’s learning beyond what is expected by your school. You may install additional apps and content on the iPad for your family’s use provided it does not violate our district’s Responsible Use Policy (Board Policy JS) and does not interfere with your student’s learning.  


    MPS and the Borrower agree to the following:   

    This Agreement term will begin on the signatory date of this Agreement and terminate when the Device is returned to MPS’s possession at a to-be-determined date.

    • If the Borrower leaves the school district prior to the end of the Agreement term, the Device must immediately be returned to MPS.  If the Device is not returned the Borrower will be responsible for the original cost of the Device.
    • The Borrower agrees to return the Device within seven (7) days of notification from MPS, If the Device is not returned at the requested date, the Borrower will be responsible for reimbursing MPS the original cost of the Device. 
    • The Borrower shall not deface the Device in any way that is including, but not limited to, adding stickers, drawing on the Device or modifying the exterior or hardware of the Device. 
    • The student and your family are responsible for the care of your device and accessories. If they are broken or lost, you must report it to your school and may be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Because MPS is the sole owner of the iPad or Chromebook, repairs can only be facilitated through district processes. 
    • In the event of a theft of the Device, the Borrower must report to MPS immediately and may be required to complete a police report.  At MPS’s discretion, a new Device may be issued to the Borrower.