Public Comment Request - Curricular Materials for Fourth Year Math

  • Teaching and Learning Services requests your review of the following curricular materials to be used for the fourth year of math beginning fall of 2021:

    • McGraw-Hill Precalculus
    • Bedford, Freeman and Worth (BFW): Statistics and Probability with Applications 4th Edition 

    McGraw-Hill's text provides a standards-based approach to learning precalculus. The robust step-by-step problem-solving process ensures learning that extends beyond the current standards and attends to pre-requisite skills students need to be successful.  Each lesson connects real-world applications to the content. Individualized learning is supported through ALEKS, the adaptive technology software, including the ability to customize assessments and provide additional practice opportunities. 

    BFW provides a well-organized standards-based text written for high school students providing relevant and conceptual learning. Multiple online and print resources including vocabulary instruction, a variety of assessments, data sets among other materials support learning. Culturally relevant examples provide real-world critical thinking and authentic problem solving throughout the text.

    We invite all stakeholders to preview these instructional materials using the links below. Final approval will be requested at the Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 25.

    After reviewing the materials, please fill out this comment form. We appreciate your feedback!