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    Welcome to the Virtual District Art Show! (Gallery located below)

    Mapleton’s annual district Art Show is one of our most cherished, longstanding springtime traditions. Since we could not set up our gallery on the Skyview Campus this year, we are bringing our gallery to you with our first virtual district Art Show! This special Art Show is a collection of mini art shows from each school, put together by our art teachers. We are so excited to invite you to enjoy the incredible artistic vision and talents of our students with your family and friends, from the comfort of your home.

    Achieve Academy art teacher and district Art Show coordinator, Mrs. Michelle Sauer, shares the following about this special opportunity to share the work of Mapleton’s talented artists in a new, virtual community:

    "On behalf of the district art teachers, we would like to state how impressed we are with each of our students from kindergarten to high school seniors. The district Art Show is a time to celebrate our highest achieving artist and to encourage creativity and inspiration to your community.

    Art is a creative journey of creativity, technical skills, analyzation, practice, idea generation, collaboration, exploration, and so much more. Each of these processes goes into an art piece that will ultimately become something thought-provoking, a representation of an inner emotion, can evoke a feeling to the viewer, has a cross-curriculum connection, is an experiment, and so on.

    The art-making process is long and preparing a presentation-ready piece can be demanding. For that, we applaud you and appreciate the hours you put into your piece. We are always so impressed with the fantastic work our district produces and would like to highlight their work on this virtual art show.

    For many students, however, they did not see their artwork completed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please know though, art teachers have a super-power of being able to see the potential of a work-in-progress. We know when a student has created something special, and the virtual art show will also be celebrating the artists who were near completion.

    Congratulations to each of you on the work you have accomplished. Your art teachers are looking forward to the start of the new year and seeing what you will do next."


Last Modified on April 27, 2020