• The Mapleton Public School’s Early Childhood Education program believes in the value of choice and is pleased to partner with high quality sites wishing to deliver a preschool program meeting the state requirement of the Colorado Preschool Project.

    Based on legislation overseeing the Colorado Preschool Project, school districts may provide CPP services in three ways:

    1. The district may provide all services in school district operated preschools (e.g. typically district early childhood centers, or existing elementary schools.) Special education, CPP, Title I funds, private tuition, etc. can be used in coordination to operate these services.
    2. The district may contract out its entire program to community providers (e.g. Head Start or private child care facilities) with proper support and monitoring.
    3. The district may use a combination of district and community providers.

    CDE is authorized to give funding priority to those districts that place children funded by CPP/ECARE in high-quality community sites including Head Start programs. The CPP Act places significant emphasis on using existing and established Head Start and community early childhood programs, where available, when deciding where to serve children funded by CPP/ECARE (22-28-109 C.R.S.).

    Programs interested in fulfilling program requirements and in serving qualified students, should complete the district RFP HERE. The RFP is due on May 1st, prior to the next school year.