Mapleton Online sample classes A Day in the Life of a Mapleton Online Student

    Mapleton Online supports student learning through Canvas, an online learning platform that allows students to participate in both live and recorded sessions. 

    Clear your desk and get your laptop ready because we're inviting you to check out a day in the life of a Mapleton Online student!

    Check out the day in the life of an elementary online student! This link includes Whole Group Reading lessons, Project-Based Learning/Writing, Math Block, Specials, and more! 


    Check out the day in the life of a 9th-grade student! This link includes a look at our Digital Citizenship Privacy and Security class, High School Advisory, High School Science, World Geography, and more! 


    View our secondary curriculum!


    View our Elective Classes!

    • Elements of Art Escape Rooms
    • Art Gallery K-12
    • Technology-Computer Science