• Mapleton’s ECE Reopening Plan

    Mapleton Public Schools believes that it is critical for all children to be cherished and protected from harm. We believe schools, with thoughtful planning and well-implemented proactive measures, can provide an environment where the rewards of attending a school outweigh the risks. The district’s robust safety plan is outlined in Mapleton’s Roadmap to Reopening


    As a licensed childcare and preschool provider in the state of Colorado, our ECE program follows the most current guidance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). We also work directly with Tri-County Health Department and the Department of Child Care Licensing through the Colorado Department of Human Services to ensure the safety and wellness of your child and our preschool staff. A resource guide for childcare providers during COVID-19 is available here.


    We are pleased to share that many of the recommended guidelines are already common practice in all of our toddler care and preschool classrooms. A detailed chart comparing recommended guidelines to our normal procedures, as well as the additional accommodations we will make to our classrooms and schedules is available below.



    Normal procedure

    Additional accommodations

    Small class size and consistent grouping

    Licensing requirements limit class size based on age:

    Preschool = 16 students

    Toddler (2s) = 14 students

    Toddler (1s) = 10 students

    MPS ECE will keep groups consistent from start to finish with the same adults supporting the classroom daily, limiting the combining of full-day students for the before and after school program, as feasible. 

    Self-contained/consistent cohorts


    ECE classrooms are with the same adults at all times.  Students do not participate in special classes/extracurricular activities.

    Adult coverage will remain consistent throughout the 3-week cycle outlined by the Mapleton Roadmap to Reopening. 


    Only district Special Education providers will be in the classrooms. 



    Soap and water with visual supports will always be used. Hand sanitizer will only be used in the absence of running water.

    Handwashing is required at:

    Entrance to the classroom

    Before and after water play

    Before and after meals

    After outside time

    After playing/touching mouth or nose

    After using the bathroom or diapering


    This year we will add handwashing requirements:

    Before going outside

    Before going home

    Before leaving the classroom for any reason

    Before and after free choice play and when switching centers


    Cleaning of toys and classroom materials

    All classroom materials are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected based on local health department guidelines.


    Daily cleaning of the room and disinfecting toys weekly

    Removal of all non-porous materials until the local health department changes recommendations. 


    Additional district practices as outlined in the Mapleton Roadmap to Reopening.


    Half-day classrooms will be cleaned between sessions.


    Additional health and safety accommodations:


    Napping (full-day students)

    • Each cot will be placed six feet apart or with a barrier that can be cleaned.
    • Cots will be organized head to toe.
    • Blankets and sheets will be provided by the family but will remain in the classroom all year and laundered weekly by ECE staff.
    • No additional toys/stuffed animals or dolls/pillows are allowed.
    • Masks will be removed during nap time.
    • Cots will be sanitized daily.
    • Blankets and sheets will be stored in a large Ziplock bag provided by the program to limit contact with other student’s belongings.



    • Staff will serve meals to each child, not ‘family-style'.
    • Students will receive a cold breakfast every school day.
    • During mealtimes, students will be spread out and use other tables to provide distance.
    • One snack will be provided (optional).


    Remote learning

    It is our intention is to keep the ECE program safe, healthy, and open.  The ECE program will follow Mapleton’s reopening plan if a case should occur and will follow any closure guidelines should an executive order be issued.  We will do everything we can to prioritize our full day and childcare programming as we consider it essential work. 

    If we are required to close a classroom for the health and safety of staff and students, families will be provided with a two-week unit to be facilitated at home with minimal materials and high engagement. Teachers will offer virtual support to interested families.  If an extended closure becomes necessary for half-day programming, we will utilize our Learning Management System to support instruction at home and continued special education services. 


  • What to bring

    Please bring the following items to school with your child: 

    • Change of clothes
    • A change of clothes will be left at school in a bag
    • Clothes will be sent home seasonally to repack.
    • Parents will be asked to replenish clothes as needed.


    • Student backpacks will be emptied daily.
    • Backpacks will be stored individually not touching others.
    • Teachers will receive/check/handout backpacks every school day.


    What to expect

    Virtual introductions and classroom tours

    • Each classroom team will provide families with a virtual welcome video to introduce families to the classroom, school environment, and staff
    • Each lead teacher and assistants, when possible, will do an outdoor meetup, with appropriate masks and social distancing to create a personal connection with the student to increase comfort and security on the first day of school. The individual meetings will be limited to the child and two adults.

    Ongoing parent communication:

    • Families will receive two calls each month.
    • Families will receive regular videos of the classroom showing work being completed and instructional focus.

     PPE provided by the district

    • Face shields will be offered to staff and preschool students.
    • Masks will be provided for students who will wear them, home masks are also permissible (toddlers will not wear masks, preschoolers will be encouraged).
    • Water bottles will remain at school and be cleaned nightly.