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    Login Information

    Your child's login credentials for most apps and programs are firstname.lastname@students.mapleton.us. If your child has two last names, they will be hyphenated, as in firstname.lastname-lastname@students.mapleton.us.

    Your child's password is made up of a school code and their birthdate. Their password from last year will not work this year because their school code has changed. The school code for Mapleton Online is Ml (capital M, lowercase L). Their birthdate should be in MMDDYYYY format. 

    If their birthdate is June 5, 2004, their password will be Ml06052004. 

    If you input the wrong password too many times, your device will be temporarily locked. Please wait, and within one hour, the device will be unlocked and you can try again. 


    For Infinite Campus: Your child's username is their student ID number. Their password is their first and last initial, and their birthdate in MMDDYY format. 

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