• Online half-day Preschool 

    Mapleton Public Schools continues to re-envision the ways in which we meet the academic needs of every family in our community. To ensure our families have every opportunity to experience the benefits of early childhood education, we are pleased to offer families a virtual half-day preschool option.

    Our virtual half-day preschool will allow our youngest learners to participate in engaging, home-based learning opportunities, including virtual interactions teachers and classmates to teach collaboration and daily activities to practice numbers, shapes, sounds, and letters. Families will pick up a bag of supplies to assist with the home-based lessons twice a month.

    If you have already registered for in-person learning and would like to switch to the virtual option, please contact Maria Gonzalez in the ECE enrollment office, 303.853.1783, and we can help with adjusting your enrollment status. 


    You may also complete this online preschool interest form. The first day of online preschool is Monday, Sept. 21 


    We understand you probably have a few questions about our online preschool program. We have attempted to answer a few questions below, however, please send additional questions to Terri Stowell in the ECE office and we will answer them as quickly as we can.  


    Q: When will my child receive their iPad?

    A. Families enrolled in our online preschool program will be invited to pick up iPads in October. Our teachers look forward to building strong relationships with our virtual preschool community and will be in touch soon with details about the many ways they will be able to support you until technology arrives


    Q: If I choose to enroll in the online half-day preschool, will I lose my spot at my current school if my family wishes to return to in-person learning?

    A: As a community leader in early childhood education, we value our families and are committed to meeting all identified needs. If you wish to return to in-person learning, we will be able to place you based on program and space availability. We will do our very best to place you in your first-choice school.  


    Q: Is there a cost to participate in half-day virtual preschool?

    A: Families that qualify for the Colorado Preschool Program may enroll at no cost. Tuition-based families will be asked for a small fee that is to be determined. 


    Q: Will the virtual half-day preschool follow the same instructional model as in-person preschool?

    A: Yes. Please visit our website to learn more about our preschool curriculum.  


    Q: Will my child receive technology?

    A: Yes. Every online preschool student will receive an iPad and case.  


    Q: How will I track my child’s work and interact with my child’s teacher?

    A: Mapleton Public Schools is utilizing Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is a learning platform that enables teachers to create a blended learning experience with a combination of in-person learning and digital content. The majority of the course content (lessons, assignments, discussions, live instruction, videos, etc.) will be housed in Canvas so that students can access their learning whether they are in class, absent or if a remote learning situation occurs. Canvas also has a student and parent app so the course can be accessed from a mobile device to make sure everyone is in the know. 


    If you choose to continue with in-person learning, please stay tuned for virtual classroom tours and introductions from your child’s teacher. I thank you for your continued support of Mapleton’s ECE program. I look forward to working with your family this year! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, MorelK@mapleton.us, 303.853.1781.