Preschool Supplies

  • Please bring the following items with your child on the first day of school. 

    A change of clothes: 

    • A change of clothes will be left at school in a bag. 
    • Clothes will be sent home seasonally to repack. 
    • Parents will be asked to replenish clothes as needed. 


    A backpack:

    • Your child's backpack will be emptied daily. 
    • Backpacks will be stored individually not touching others. 
    • Teachers will receive/check/handout backpacks every school day. 


    Provided by Mapleton:


    • This year we are giving each child a water bottle to keep at school. Water bottles will be cleaned nightly. You do not need to send a water bottle with your child.


    Masks and face shields   

    • Face shields and masks will be offered to staff and preschool students. Your child is welcome to bring a mask from home. Toddlers will not wear masks, and preschool students will be encouraged to wear a mask when indoors. 



School Supplies

  • Mapleton Public Schools will not issue a school supply list for the 2020-21 school year. 

    As we focus on keeping our community, school buildings, and classrooms safe and healthy, we are rethinking many of our back-to-school traditions, including our school supply list.

    This year, to minimize the sharing of supplies and make sure all students have the materials they need to be successful in the classroom, we are not asking parents to send their students to school with school supplies. The district will provide students with all the necessary supplies. This was made possible by generous donations and the Mapleton Education Foundation.

    The only item students will be asked to bring to school is a backpack to safely transport iPads and Chromebooks to and from school.