Delivering on a Dream - The Promise of Mapleton

  • In our mission statement, we guarantee an education system that supports and empowers students in achieving their dreams. We prepare students to graduate from Mapleton knowing they are capable of contributing to their community, their country, and their world. Our college to career-going culture is the promise we make to our students, their families, and our community. 

    Through photographs, videos, and stories, we hope to share and celebrate all that defines The Promise of Mapleton. 

    Whatever your connection to Mapleton – graduate or former staff member, student and family, current staff member, or community member – we want to hear how you are The Promise of Mapleton. 

    Your photographs, stories, or videos may be emailed to

    Promise of Mapleton – Episode 1 "Delivering on a Dream"

    Promise of Mapleton – Episode 2 "We Are Mapleton Public Schools"


    Promise of Mapleton – Episode 3 "Grateful"


    Promise of Mapleton – Episode 4 "Learning Services"