• Reflections for Community Conversation #3


    Logo "I just want to give a big shout out to the Mapleton teachers! Their hearts are really in this for our kids! I'm so glad to see some normalcy on the horizon, I'm sure they could really use that! I'm also, VERY excited to hear that there are plans for graduation this year! Since it is outdoors I am confident it can be safely done. Thank you EVERYONE for looking out for our kids!"



    Logo “I appreciate all the families who we had to contact at all hours of the day. Everyone has been so thoughtful and kind when dealing with an exposed student or staff member. Families have had a large burden of switching from in-person to remote and back again.”



    Logo “I want to thank the entire Mapleton School District and I commend you all for the outstanding job you have done.  I work with a lot of Denver parents and when I hear their struggles with school, I feel so proud of the teachers and staff working for Mapleton Public Schools.  My children attend Explore and MESA.  You all deserve a standing ovation for the commitment you have made to our community!  Sure, we had to make some sacrifices, but I have to say that I consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to have my kids attend in-person learning. Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!”



    Logo “It was our first year with Mapleton and words could never express how thankful we are for a district that found a safe way to bring our kindergartener back to school. The value of that in-person time is precious. Also, we've been incredibly impressed with how all the teachers have embraced the beautiful chaos of remote learning. The take home materials were fantastic! (Though we're also glad those days are *hopefully* behind us).”



    Logo “I can't thank our district and the teachers enough for going out of their way to ensure the continued education of our students.”




    Logo “I really want to thank Mr. Spliter, 6th grade teacher, for Shyler M. He has kept in touch with us as parents, he has extended himself to offer make up work and gives students every chance to get caught up with class work. We are grateful for the front office staff for keeping kids safe, as well as parents. Thank you, Explore!"

    From the Medrano family.



    Logo “Muy agradecida por todo su esfuerzo a cada maestro o maestra y Directores a todo el gran equipo que hace posible esta comunicación. lo difícil que a sido un aprendizaje remoto. Muchas gracias. Por aceptar tantas adversidades No tengo palabras para agradecer. Gracias. les felicito por todo lo que hacen. 👍💐🎊🎉” 



    Logo "I cannot express enough gratitude for all the teachers and staff that made it possible for both of my kiddos to keep learning and be in class this year. I think the district did exceptionally well at managing all of this! THANK YOU ALL - With love!"