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    Every great story has a great ending. Your retirement story deserves one too! 


    For members new to PERA:

    We have the information you need when you need it most and a schedule specifically created for hard-working school district members just like you. If you’re new to PERA, you might want to check out the New Member webinar first, but we have webinar opportunities no matter what career stage you’re in! New to PERA webinar.


    For members retiring in the next two years:

    You are entering an exciting chapter in your life and PERA is here to help.  We invite you to attend a live Retirement Process webinar where you’ll learn:  

    ·       When and how to apply for retirement

    ·       Which Benefit Options provide for a loved one 

    ·       Tax considerations, and more 

    This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn what other members are asking as well. 

    Register Here 


    For members retiring at the end of this school year and need retiree healthcare:

    There is still some room for next week’s PERACare webinars where you’ll learn about retiree healthcare options offered through our PERACare medical, dental and vision plans. 

    ·       If you are retiring under the age of 65, Register Here 

    ·       If you will be age 65 or older when you retire, Register Here 

    Can’t make next week? Check out other PERACare webinar opportunities here.


    For all PERA members:

    Our February webinar lineup also includes an Investing Made Simple webinar for PERAPlus 401(k)/457 plan participants and a Pre-Retirement Planning webinar for members a little further out from retirement. 

    Check out our full list of webinar offerings for the year here.