• Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year at York International!

    We have updated our Back to School Website to include Meet Your Teacher Information and a tour of the building!

    Please enjoy the fun photos and videos as students point out the excitied parts of the inside of our building. 

    Elementary Hallway - VIDEO LINK

    Middle School Hallway - VIDEO LINK

    High School Hallway - VIDEO LINK

    Flyer from LIFE LINE - LINK

    The LIFE LINE connects young people facing mental health challenges with the support and services they need to face LIFE and all its obstacles. The "LIFE LINE" is staffed by licensed mental health professionals who work at the Adams and Broomfield County Youth Diversion program and is sponsored by the District Attorney's Office. 

    Click on the links below to meet our teachers and view our classroom spaces!

    Welcome Back Newsletter from Mr. Van Etten - LINK

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