• Welcome to Middle School at York International!

    Classes Start Wednesday, August 11 at 8:10am!

    Important Middle School Information!

    • 6th Grade Orientation In-Person Outdoor Event - Monday, August 9 from 4:00-5:30pm at York! (All 6th Grade Students & Families Invited)
    • Middle School Orientation Document - LINK
    • Schedules! - All Middle School Schedules can now be viewed digitally by logging into your Infinite Campus Account
      • 6th Graders will receive a paper copy of their schedule at orientation event on Monday, August 9
      • 7th & 8th Graders will receive a paper copy of their schedule on the first day of school - Wednesday, August 11 (School Starts at 8:10am)
      • Students will transition between five different classes each day.
    • Meals - Breakfast will be served from 7:55-8:10am for all students  /  Lunch will be served in the cafeteria for all students.


    Make sure to scroll down below all teachers listed for helpful general information for all Middle School Students!



    class    class

    Meet Mrs. Hardy! - English Teacher

    • Welcome Letter - LINK




    Meet Mr. Buck! - Social Studies Teacher

    • Welcome Letter - LINK


    class  class

    Meet Mrs. Dusenberry! - Design/Art Teacher

    • Welcome Letter - LINK



    class  class

    Meet Ms. Wadding! - English Teacher

    • Welcome Letter - LINK




    Meet Ms. Powell! - Math Teacher

    • Welcome Letter - LINK



    class  class    

    Meet Mrs. Lisman! - Math Teacher

    • Welcome Letter - LINK




    class  class 

    Meet Ms. Fletcher! - Science Teacher

    • Welcome Letter - LINK


    Meet Mrs. Mendoza! - Spanish Teacher

    • Welcome Letter - LINK

    • Class Information PPT - LINK


    General Supportive Information for all High School Students:



    Middle School academics are very important! – learning that takes place during middle school builds the foundational knowledge necessary to be successful.  

    • Students will take a collection of 5 classes per day, some of which will be year-round, and others will switch on a quarterly basis.
    • Grades will be finalized and posted to a student’s transcript at the end of each semester.
    • A detailed description of the York International Baccalaureate Grading Scale can be found on the York website. – mapleton.com/yorkinternational - “Students & Families” – “Middle/High (Grade 6-12) Grading Practices”
    • Students must earn a “C” or higher to pass a class and earn credit.
    • You can check your student’s grades through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and receive log in information from the York Main Office of Mapleton IT Help Desk.
    • Check grades often and reach out to communicate with teachers via their office line or email as needed. A full York Staff Directory can be found on the York website - – mapleton.com/yorkinternational - “About Us” – “General Information” – “Staff Directory”
    • Make sure to check the teacher’s CANVAS website often; teachers often post assignments and updates for students.
    • In all grades 6-8 students must show evidence of learning to pass their classes and ultimately earn credit towards graduation.
    • In our International Baccalaureate Program students have the ability to show evidence of learning through a wide variety of assessments - written tests, oral presentations, seminars, and even completion of projects.
    • Schedules are developed at York to ensure that students receive a well-rounded educational experience.


    Contacting Office, Teachers, Administrators: When, How, and Why:

    We are here to help! Don’t be afraid to speak up and let us know what you need! Our offices are open to help you school weekdays 7:30am-4:00pm –if you have a question, call the main office line at 303-853-1600. The main office can help direct you to the correct person if you’re not sure who to talk to.

    Class Concern?

    • Contact the specific teacher via their work email or work office line.
    • A full York Staff Directory can be found on the York website - – mapleton.com/yorkinternational - “About Us” – “General Information” – “Staff Directory”

    Schedule or General Student Concern?

    • Contact either of the following York Administrators:
      • York Secondary Assistant Director – Mr. Ben Schneider (303) 853-1607
      • York School Director – Mr. Eriksen Van Etten (303) 853-1601


    • Keep in mind that we do our best to respond to emails and voicemails as quickly as possible, but anticipate 24 hours during Monday-Friday for a response.


    Getting Info & Updates

    Check the website at www.mapleton.us/yorkinternational for info and updates.

    • The main page updates slides and school news often.
    • Check “From the Desk of The Director” page for newsletters from Mr. Van Etten
    • Make sure all your contact information is correct in Infinite Campus as many times emails and links are pushed out to all parents through this avenue.


    Resources at School:

    There are many resources available to York Students both academically and social-emotionally. We work hard to cultivate a school community where the goals and dreams of students are supported!


    • All middle school students at York International will be issued a Mapleton Chromebook Online Device to be used for academics.
      • It is the responsibility of each student and family to ensure that this online device along with the charger is well taken care of.
      • Students must safely transport their online device to and from school each day.  

     Social-Emotional Support

    • York International has a full-time Community Reach Therapist
      • Please call the main office at (303) 853-1600 to be transferred.
    • York International has a full-time School Psychologist


    Athletics, Activities, & Clubs:

    Encourage your student to consider joining a club, activity, or Mapleton Sport. Getting involved is one of the best ways to ensure your student feels part of the York and Mapleton community, makes friends, and does well in school.

    Ways to Get Involved at York:

    • 21st CCLC Grant Programming Clubs
    • York Clubs
    • Student Council
    • Van Etten’s Student Ambassadors Club

    Ways to Get Involved in Mapleton:

    • Mapleton District Clubs
    • Mapleton Athletics – mapleton.us – “Departments” – “Athletics & Activities”
    • Mapleton Performing Arts