• What is required? 40 hours of community service or volunteering is required by Mapleton Public Schools as part of the graduation requirements.   

    How Can Students Complete Community Service?

    1. Opportunities listed on volunteermatch.org
    2. Thrift stores, food banks, animal shelters, and other non-profit agencies
    3. Local churches for things like helping a kids activity, cleaning up, etc.y
    4. Take a look at this Community Service Idea document for more ideas

    Please Note:

    If your community service is not listed above, email Mrs. Luscombe (luscombej@mapleton.us) to determine if it can “count” for community service BEFORE you start.



    COUNTS for graduation

    DOES NOT COUNT for graduation

    Volunteering at a non-profit

    Ex: Humane society, food bank, thrift store

    Unpaid work for a company or person

    Ex: working for your uncle’s company

    Volunteering at a kids’ summer camp

    Ex: MPS sports camp, Thornton Rec. Center


    Ex: watching your cousins

    Writing notecards for the elderly

    Ex: #1 above and see additional guidelines

    Activities part of your family obligations

    Ex: writing to your grandma, shoveling snow

    Volunteering at a church

    Ex: helping run a community event

    Participating in regular church activities

    Ex: attending service


    When is due?

    Community service should be completed by the end of your junior year and will be posted to transcripts at that time. 

    For the Class of 2023: Please turn in before December 18th 2022.

    How do I document hours?

    • York International Community Service Documentation Online Form:
      • You’ll need the signature & contact information for the person who is verifying your hours. This person cannot be a member of your family/household.
      • Turn one in for each type of community service performed.
    • If you are volunteering multiple times for the same activity/location:
      • Please keep track on a log (see “Community Service Student Hours Log)
      • The Community Service Documentation Form 2020-2021 must be used to document the hours for each organization/opportunity
    • You will need the signature and contact information for the person who is verifying your hours. This person cannot be a member of your family or household.


          Please contact Mrs. Luscombe