About Mapleton Performing Arts
    Mapleton Public Schools is proud to offer a robust Performing Arts program to all registered Mapleton students grades 6-12. These programs include band, choir, and orchestra, with grades 7-12 participating in our Zero Hour program at either our Skyview Campus or at our new Mapleton Arts Center (MAC) on the Broadway Campus. 6th grade students are offered band, choir and orchestra as beginning classes in all of our K-6 and K-8 schools during the normal school day. In addition, extra-curricular after-school opportunities include Drama, Color Guard, Mariachi and Jazz Band. These programs emphasize the art of live performance.

    Before School 
    Zero Hour Music Ensemble Classes
    Our Zero Hour occurs Monday through Friday from 7:10-8:00am on one of our two performing arts campuses. These classes are open to any student grades 7-12 and because these music ensembles are offered to students at the district level, we have the potential to have some of the largest performing groups in the metro area. Each of these ensembles present concerts, participate in field trips, and perform at festivals and events throughout the Denver metro area.

    Skyview Performing Arts (8990 York St, Thornton, CO 80229)

    • Intermediate Bands Grades 7-8 - District Wolverine Band & Skyview Symphonic Band
    • Intermediate Orchestras Grades 7-9 - Sinfonia & Festival Orchestra
    • Intermediate Choirs Grades 6-8 - Intermezzo & Serenade 
    Mapleton Arts Center (MAC) (7480 Broadway, Bldg 4, Denver, CO 80221)
    • HS Band Grades 9-12 - Mapleton Wind Ensemble
    • HS Orchestra Grades 9-12 - Ovation Orchestra
    • HS Choir Grades 9-12 - Mapleton Singers

    Click here for the list of zero hour performing arts teachers.

    During School
    Beginning performing arts classes are offered to each 6th grade class. These classes are taught by highly qualified and accomplished music directors. Band, choir and orchestra are the course selections that are offered, and every 6th grade student in Mapleton is encouraged to participate. Information regarding beginning performing arts classes is sent home at the beginning of each school year. Check with your school director for more information, or contact Performing Arts Director Robin Cutting at cuttingr@mapleton.us. 
    After School
    Mapleton Performing Arts offers extra-curricular opportunities, which include:
    • Honors Orchestra (Grade 8-12, by audition, on the Skyview Campus)
    • Solo Strings (Grade 7, open to all, on the Skyview Campus)
    • Mapleton Jazz Messengers (Grade 9-12, by audition, Skyview)
    • Jazz Lab Band (Grade 7-12, open to all, Skyview)
    • Musical (Grade 8-12, by audition, MAC)
    • Skyview Marching Band and Color Guard (Grade 9-12, Skyview)
    • Play (Grade 9-12, by audition, MAC)
    • Mariachi Club (Grade 7-12, no audition, prior experience required on trumpet and violin, Skyview)