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    Mapleton Reads is returning for its ninth year!

    Everyone is encouraged to read along with us for our annual community reading program! We are excited to announce the book selections for this year:



    By Kobi Yamada. | Reading Level: Grades K-4

    This is a story for everything you will do and everything you can be. It’s a story about all the possibilities ahead of you. It’s for who you are right now and it’s for all the magical, unbounded potential you hold inside. With its beautiful visual storytelling and timeless message, Maybe is an inspiring story for kids of all ages. 


    “The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise”

    The remarkable journey of coyote sunriseBy Dan Gemeinhart. | Reading Level: Grades 5-8

    In Gemeinhart's latest heartwarming realistic fiction novel, authentic life experiences are tackled and resilience reigns supreme. Coyote is a young girl traveling the American countryside with her father. The pair made a home of a refurbished school bus after a terrible car accident killed Coyote's mother and two sisters. When Coyote learns that a park that holds an important part of her past is set to be demolished, she and her father set a course back to Washington state. Through their travels, Coyote and her father pick up a kitten, wayward travelers, and knowledge of all kinds. Readers will be drawn into the story of Coyote immediately. Her authentic voice and personality shine. Gemeinhart takes readers on a cross-country experience of self-discovery and empathetic growth. The realistic cast of characters that join Coyote adds dimension and depth to an already spirited story. Readers who have experienced loss will see themselves, while those that have not will learn through Coyote's eyes.


    “ Unbroken”

    By Laura Hillenbrand  | Reading Level: Grades 9-12

    UnbrokenLouie Zamperini was one of the brightest prospects for the 1940 Olympics in track and field. But when WWII started, his life would take a much different path. The story of Louie’s struggles as a young loner, a rising star, a Pacific POW, and a man trying to reclaim his life after years of torment is as unbelievable as it is inspiring. Through Louie’s tale, the depths of the human soul and will to survive are examined. As Louie spirals out of control because of trauma and becomes obsessed with a plot to kill the man who tortured him, he learns that a man is not defined by his history, but rather by the manner in which he seeks a future. Unbroken reaches into the heart of terror and shines a light on what it means to triumph. 




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