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Introducing SchoolFinder!

  • School FinderAt Mapleton Public Schools, we believe school choice is the first step toward academic success.  In Mapleton, there are no "neighborhood schools." You choose your school; we provide transportation.

    To help families find the best Mapleton school, we are pleased to introduce SchoolFinder. 

    SchoolFinder highlights the important information you need when researching, discovering, and comparing Mapleton’s schools that are small-by-design.   

     With SchoolFinder, families can take an in-depth look at all Mapleton school models and compare them to find the best fit based on learning styles, interests, or location. 

    Get started by choosing the best school for you today!

    All Mapleton schools are small, safe, family-like learning environments where teachers discover what students already know and focus on what they need to learn. All schools are also small-by-design, meaning each school allows students to master content standards through a unique lens. School models include Expeditionary Learning (EL), International Baccalaureate, Big Picture, performing and visual arts, STEM, project-based learning, University Partnership, Young Adult, and online, to name a few.  
    In Mapleton, there is a school for every student. Which school will you choose?

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