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    For the health and safety of our community, our enrollment events will take place online. Learn about our schools, hear from school directors, and learn how to apply for enrollment in the Mapleton school of your choice all online!

    How to attend Mapleton’s virtual enrollment events

    • Select the virtual enrollment fair link - www.mapleton.us/virtualenrollmentfair
    • Enjoy learning about our small-by-design schools through director videos, photos, school tours, student testimonials, and other items featured as a part of each school’s virtual display.
    • If you have follow-up questions, visit the school’s webpage and complete the enrollment interest form at the top right of the page. The school director will follow up with you soon!


  •  Academy High School
    8970 York St., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1730

     Welcome to Academy High School!
    Academy High School is a 9-12 STEM school located on the Skyview Campus. Classroom experiences at Academy are steeped in the learnings and teachings of Project Lead the Way, a nationally recognized STEM program. During freshman and sophomore years, students receive a solid foundation in science, math, and computer design. During junior and senior year, students are invited to dive deeper into STEM content through the STEM Exploratory track or the STEM Immersion track. Both pathways provide rigorous and engaging real-world STEM experiences in Computer Science, Engineering, and Biomedical Science. Partnerships with STEM industries in our community help students connect their passions to potential careers.

    Academy High School – Spanish Transcript

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

     Achieve Logo Achieve Academy (K – 8)
    9100 Poze. Blvd., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1300

    Welcome to Achieve Academy!
    Achieve Academy is a K-8 Expeditionary Learning (EL) school strongly rooted in Leadership. Through meaningful community relationships, intentional service-learning projects, and a focus on student voice, all students participate in opportunities to explore, embrace, and enhance their leadership skills. Students master standards through in-depth explorations of leadership characteristics, as active members of their community.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    Adventure Logo

    Adventure Elementary (PreK – 6)
    7725 Conifer Rd., Denver, CO 80221 | 303.853.1410


    Welcome to Adventure Elementary!

    Adventure Elementary is a PK-6 dual-language school that provides the unique educational combination of a dual language learning environment (English and Spanish) with a strong Expeditionary Learning (EL) Education framework. Students are supported throughout the entire school day in becoming bilingual and bi-literate in English and Spanish, regardless of their native language. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form. Learn more about Adventure's dual language program!


    Clayton Logo

    Clayton Partnership School (K – 8)
    8970 York St., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1460



    Welcome to Clayton Partnership School!

    Clayton Partnership School is a K-8 University Partnership School where student learning is supported by best instruction, state-of-the-art teaching practices, and one-on-one attention. In each Clayton classroom, a master teacher is joined by university teacher cadets to develop both quality teachers and high-achieving students. Clayton’s building is designed specifically to enhance learning objectives and provides versatile, 21st-century learning spaces that support a variety of learning styles and teaching techniques. Clayton’s unique placement on Mapleton’s multi-age Skyview Campus prepares students for their future by promoting complex thinking and ideas, collaboration across age groups, and opportunities later in their academic experience. Select the links below to hear from the school director and learn more about this school through photos and videos. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    Explore Eagle Logo

    Explore PK-8 (PreK – 8)
    10310 York St., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1170


    Welcome to Explore PK-8!
    Explore PreK-8 is an Expeditionary Learning (EL) Learning School where students live and learn by the motto, “the world is our classroom.” Explore’s unique placement on historic farmland encourages learning beyond the classroom walls, and the natural wonder of the environment around the school makes explorers out of every Explore student. Learning comes to life through community-based expeditions, which are long-term, in-depth studies that offer real-world connections and inspire higher levels of academic achievement. Strong community partnerships help students become active learners and leaders where they live. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    GIA Logo Only.png

    Global Intermediate Academy (4 – 8)
    7480 N. Broadway, Bldg. 3, Denver, CO 80221 | 303.853.1920


    Welcome to Global Intermediate Academy!
    Global Intermediate Academy is one school with two International Baccalaureate Programmes, PYP (grades 4-5), and MYP (grades 6-8). As an IB school, students have access to courses in a foreign language, design technology, physical education, visual arts, and performing arts. Students also participate in a variety of athletic and academic clubs, including Mapleton’s only chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Academic success is made possible by strong parent support and community engagement. GIA staff work alongside parents in making learning meaningful for students, and helping students realize and celebrate their contributions to the world by continuing to ask the question, “how are you taking action today?” Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint


    GLA Logo

    Global Leadership Academy (9-12)

    7480 Broadway, Bldg. 2, Denver, CO 80221 | 303.853.1930


    Welcome to Global Leadership Academy!

    Global Leadership Academy is a 9-12 IB school and is a part of the IB family of schools on the Broadway Campus. At GLA, student leadership opportunities are woven into the daily schedule, in and outside of the classroom. Students receive rigorous instruction daily, with access to AP classes, a Design Studio, concurrent enrollment, and IB MYP support. All students are valued as leaders and are empowered to use their voice to improve their school community through restorative justice practices and partnerships with GIA and GPA as mentors. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an interest form. Learn more about MYP (English) (Spanish).


    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    GPA Logo cub Global Primary Academy (PreK-3)

    7480 N. Broadway, Bldg. 1, Denver, CO 80221 | 303.853.1900

    Welcome to Global Primary Academy!
    AGlobal Primary Academy is a PK-3 PYP-authorized IB school and a part of the IB family of schools on the Broadway Campus. This small school gives teachers the time, space, and support to dive into content standards and focus on PK-3 academic success, with a heavy focus on early literacy. A student’s ownership of learning begins day one, with opportunities to connect their learning to their community and world. The building was designed to bridge the comforts of home with the wonders of nature, to help our students become brave and curious learners. GPA is also home to the youngest Student Council in Mapleton! GPA students make seamless transitions to GIA for grades 4-8, and GLA, for grades 9-12. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form. 


    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    MECMapleton Early College High School (9-12

    8980 York St., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1960


    Welcome to Mapleton Early College!
    Mapleton Early College High School is a Big Picture school with a “one student at a time” approach to education. Students have a customized, independent Learning Plan (ILP), balancing classes, workshops, independent learning, real-world learning through professional internships, and access to college courses aligned to their unique ILP.  By senior year, students have learned to become problem-solvers, lifelong learners, and cooperative members of the community, preparing them for college, career and life. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    MSA Logo

    Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts (7-12)

    8980 York St., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1270


    Welcome to MESA!

    Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts is a 7th-12th grade Expeditionary Learning (EL) school, recognized for its emphasis on the visual arts. From animation to advertising, photography to pottery, the visual arts are woven into the delivery of all content standards. MESA students demonstrate achievement every day in the following areas: mastery of knowledge and skill, character, and high-quality work. Community partnerships help students experience and explore the value of and opportunities within a mastery and passion for the visual arts. Students graduate from MESA with a portfolio of work to support them in their post-secondary adventure. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint


    OwlMapleton Online (K – 12)
    7350 Broadway, Denver 80221 | 303.853.1200


    Welcome to Mapleton Online!
    Mapleton Online is a K-12 school that offers flexibility through synchronous and asynchronous classes, opportunity through a robust menu of electives, and rigorous academics through highly skilled teachers and strong family relationships. Students are supported in becoming self-directed, independent learners, and have access to high-quality technology to support them at each level of their academic career. Students are also invited to participate in district in-person programs, including field trips, Performing Arts, Athletics, JROTC, and other extracurricular activities. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.


    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    Meadow school logo

    Meadow Community School (PreK – 8)
    9150 Monroe St., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1500

    Welcome to Meadow Community School!

    Meadow Community School is a K-8 Nature and Science school grounded in ten common principles: 1) Learning to use one’s mind well, 2) Less is more: depth over coverage, 3) Goals apply to all students, 4) Personalization, 5) Student-as-worker, teacher-as-coach, 6) Demonstration of mastery, 7) A tone of decency and trust., 8) Commitment to the entire school, 9) Resources dedicated to teaching and learning, and 10) Democracy and equity. Meadow’s strong and supportive relationship with the local community encourages students to explore the world, starting in their own backyard. From conservation to computer science, students master content standards by focusing on real-world challenges and expanding their own creativity. In grades 6-8, students deepen their knowledge through Project Lead the Way courses, nationally recognized STEM curricula, for coding and robotics, flight and space, energy and the environment, computer science for innovators and makers, and more! Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint


    Monterey Community School (K – 8)
    2201 McElwain Blvd., Denver, CO 80229 | 303.853.1360


    Welcome to Monterey Community School!

    Monterey Community School is a K-8 school that empowers students with the leadership and life skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.  Monterey is based on principles and practices of personal, interpersonal, and organizational effectiveness, and upon the powerful premise that every child possesses unique strengths and has the ability to be a leader.  Through a program called Leader in Me, Monterey students will learn the skills to become self-reliant, take initiative, prioritize their time, be considerate of others, find creative solutions, value differences, and live a balanced life. This helps students develop the skills and self-confidence they need to lead their lives and succeed in school and beyond.  Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.


    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    North Valley School for Young Adults

    8990 York St., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1790

    Welcome to North Valley!
    North Valley School for Young Adults offers students ages 17-21 who are credit deficient a new educational pathway to success by providing an opportunity to get back on track and earn a high school diploma. 
    North Valley provides a place for students who may have encountered obstacles to high school success and are ready to commit themselves to take responsibility for the work of becoming a high school graduate. Students contribute to a positive school community culture through their voice, leadership, attendance, and active participation in classroom, school, and District activities. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an interest form.

    Performing Arts School on Broadway
    7350 Broadway, Ste. 200, Denver, CO 80221 | 303.853.1689

    Welcome to the Performing Arts School on Broadway!
    The Performing Arts School on Broadway is a new 7th through 12th-grade school that pairs rigorous academics with performing arts through an educational approach rooted in innovation, imagination, and intention. Students will have opportunities to master geometry through construction and set design, bring history to life on stage, study science through sound and music, and push their creativity through technical art. Mapleton’s Black Box theatre, dance studio, music rooms, and auditorium will often serve as the classroom. Class environments support and encourage each student’s artistic growth and discovery. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an interest form!

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    Preschool on Poze
    2410 Poze Blvd., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1570

    Welcome to Preschool on Poze!

    At Preschool on Poze, Mapleton’s youngest learners begin to build a strong foundation for their educational journey through caring, supportive, and expert early childhood teachers.  As a community leader in early childhood education, Mapleton proudly offers inclusive, engaging, and supportive toddler and preschool programs led by compassionate experts in early childhood education (ECE). Each preschool classroom is staffed by a highly qualified and licensed teacher to assure our early childhood education programming is grounded in education and every classroom experience is a learning experience. Our ECE curriculum is grounded in the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines, and we provide a compassionate, supportive and encouraging environment for students to practice and develop important social and emotional skills. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.


    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    Timberwolves Logo Trailside Academy (PreK – 8)
    2300 W. 67th Pl., Denver, CO 80221 | 303.853.3040


    Welcome to Trailside Academy!
    Trailside Academy is a PK-8 Expeditionary Learning (EL) school that supports academic excellence through the following Habits of Character: accountability, perseverance, compassion, integrity, and advocacy. Expert staff in each classroom introduce students to rigorous and relevant content and encourage students to take ownership of their learning. From student ownership comes student pride in high-quality work. Trailside celebrates strong community and parent connections and offers many opportunities for families and community members to contribute time, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    Valley View Innovation School (PreK – 8)
    6951 Fox Way, Denver, CO 80221 | 303.853.3040

    Welcome to Valley View Innovation School!

    Valley View Innovation School (VVIS) is a PK-8th grade project-based learning school powered by curiosity. VVIS features flexible and sophisticated designs unexpected in a PK-8 school, including creative and intentional deviations from traditional classroom settings and structures. This innovative setting empowers students to not just learn content, but live content. At each grade level, students build their academic year around three or more engaging, multi-disciplinary projects that rigorously address Colorado Academic standards. Fueled by each student’s engaging, thoughtful, and complex questions, projects come to life in one of six Immersion Studios – robotics, technology, culinary arts, art, music, and science. Projects incorporate more standards at one time and build cross-curricular connections. 

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    Welby Community School (PreK – 6)
    1200 E. 78th Ave., Denver, CO 80229 | 303.853.1700

    Welcome to Welby Community School!

    Welby Community School of the Arts is an Expeditionary Learning (EL) Preschool-6th grade school that uses the arts to inspire a love for learning and build a solid foundation for future academic success in each child. As part of the EL Education Network, students and teachers are engaged in work that is challenging, adventurous, and meaningful, and students achieve more than they think possible, becoming active contributors to building a better world. At Welby, Colorado Academic standards are enhanced with engaging artistic experiences, and student learning is enriched through visual arts, music, dance, and performing arts. The arts lens at Welby is driven by discovery. Students are supported in their creative adventures by high-quality teachers and encouraged to be curious. Each year, Welby students demonstrate their learning with a unique performance or showcase, including a variety of art (sculptures, 2D), music (Battle of the Bands, concerts), and performances (plays, film festivals), and more.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

    York logo York International School (K – 12)

    9200 York St., Thornton, CO 80229 | 303.853.1600

    Welcome to York International!
    York International School is a globally-minded K-12 International Baccalaureate school. As an active, rigorous learning community, students focus on college and post-secondary preparation from kindergarten to 12th grade. Student learning is enriched in this K-12 environment with opportunities for older and younger students to interact and learn from one another, after-school enrichment programming, and diverse student leadership clubs and groups. As an IB school, all students have the opportunity to take foreign language classes, music, art, and PE grades K-12. Students are also given the chance to take unique electives such as Design, Aviation, Psychology, Business, Photography, and numerous art offerings. York high school students are offered the opportunity to take AP and college classes. Successful York students are highly active learners and well-rounded students with a strong commitment to academics and the York community.  Have a question? Visit the school’s website to submit an enrollment interest form.

    Spanish Discovery Session PowerPoint

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