• thank you, Mapleton Staff!

  • Help recognize Mapleton's irreplaceables! Our irreplaceables are the employees who play an important role in helping students achieve their dreams. 

    Send us your thoughts about these special individuals in the form of a short paragraph, video, or picture. We will feature these messages of appreciation and gratitude on our website, in our newsletters, and on social media throughout the month of May.

    Additionally, Mapleton's Board of Education is recognizing May 8-12 as Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!

    Send your messages to communications@mapleton.us.

  • Anna Ring, Mapleton Early Career Prep

    “I want to give a shout-out to Anna Ring at MEC! She has been nothing but lovely since entering the building. She is communicative and thorough, helpful, empathetic, and a huge support to my child. Without her, I truly believe my child wouldn't have enjoyed the final years of her education.”  


    Robin Graham, Mapleton Early Career Prep

    “Although she isn't technically a teacher, she is a great support and my child's high school days were better because of her.”


    “Skip”, Mapleton Early Career Prep

    Skip at MEC (I know he has a real name, but this is the name I know him by 🙂).  He is caring, charismatic, always has a great sense of humor, and gets the job done. I know my child enjoyed him so much and we appreciate him!”


    Robin Cutting, Kirby Dillmann, and Zach Brake

    “I want to give the Performing Arts team a big shout-out! They work so hard and put in long hours to provide extracurricular activities for our kids. They are nothing short of amazing! My kiddo has been in Performing Arts since 5th grade and watching her grow and everything this performing arts team does to support these kids is awesome to see!”

    Michelle Kravets, Meadow Community School

    “I want to give a big shout-out to Ms. Kravets! She has been a blessing to my son this year. He struggled last year to get back into the groove of things after Covid and Ms. Kravets stepped in and listened to my concerns and helped him to be a better student. She truly cares and has had patience and taught my child so much this year. She is such a pleasure to be around!”


    Submitted by Kim M., Mapleton parent


  • Bailey Humphrey, Global Leadership Academy

    "She does an amazing job relating to her students and puts effort into helping them, especially this year's seniors." 

    Submitted by: GLA Student

  • Ms. Courtney, Preschool on Poze

    "I wanted to bring attention to Ms. Courtney at POP for teacher appreciation week. She is an incredible and kind teacher who always has a smile on her face. You can tell how much she loves her students. She has changed my son's life and started his school journey out so positively. I don’t know what we will do without her next year!"

    Submitted by: Preschool on Poze parent

  • Molly Hughes, Mapleton Early Career Prep 
    "A teacher that I would like to shout out to is my English teacher, Molly Hughes. She always strives for us to do our very best and she's always there whenever we need a hand. She is amazing and always puts in 100 percent."
    Submitted by: Oscar Leon, Mapleton Early Career Prep 

  • Diana Campos, Academy High School

    Diana has become an incredible source of inspiration and positivity in the lives of our students at Academy. Diana's creativity shines through as she consistently develops some of the most intriguing and immersive learning experiences I have ever witnessed. In addition, her remarkable ability to connect with them is truly outstanding. It's no surprise that students commonly flock to her throughout the day, seeking her guidance and support. It's particularly evident in her elective class, which experienced a huge surge in enrollment. Regardless of the elective she chooses, students eagerly sign up, specifically to be with her incredible guidance and support.

    Submitted by: Matt Pinto

  • Ms. Lorena Leal, Adventure Elementary 

    "I want to give a shout-out to Miss Leal, 2nd-grade teacher, at Adventure Elementary for all her hard work and dedication. My son has grown so much academically, emotionally, and socially thanks to her support, love, and understanding, on top of her role as a teacher. She is on the lookout for her students and all the kids in the school."

    Submitted by: Adventure parent

  • Kayla Ramos, Academy High School

    Kayla Ramos is an exceptional new teacher who appears to effortlessly teach with the expertise and confidence of a seasoned veteran. Her remarkable ability to create deep connections with her English Language Learner (E.L.L.) students is truly commendable. Serving as a dedicated liaison between students, parents, and faculty members, Kayla effectively communicates and advocates for the unique targeted needs of her students. The students consistently talk about how much they like her and are quick to recognize her unwavering commitment to their success. Kayla's exceptional talent lies in her ability to provide direct and invaluable feedback without sugar-coating the situation. This straightforward trait is especially appreciated during high-pressure, data-focused meetings. Academy is incredibly fortunate to have Kayla as an invaluable member of the team.

    Submitted by: Matt Pinto

  • Mellissa Pfaff, Academy High School

    I can confidently say that I have yet to encounter a teacher who demonstrates as much dedication and effort in crafting captivating and interactive science lessons as Mellissa Pfaff does. She consistently surpasses expectations by ensuring her students not only learn chemistry and space science but also have a blast in the process. Mellissa is the definition of a lifelong learner. Her impressive educational background, extensive training with NASA, and consistent participation in conferences speak volumes about her commitment to excellence and student success. Her expertise shines particularly when it comes to sourcing grants, programs, and other valuable resources. She possesses a wealth of knowledge in this area and is a huge inspiration for students and faculty members alike! 

    Submitted by: Matt Pinto 

  • Lindsay Schultz, Academy High School

    I want to give a heartfelt shout-out to Lindsay Shultz at Academy! Her unwavering dedication to her students is truly remarkable. Lindsay consistently goes above and beyond, tirelessly advocating for them and prioritizing their needs in every meeting. She possesses an exceptional ability to connect with her students personally, readily understanding their circumstances and actively working toward their success. Lindsay is also consistently willing to take on additional responsibilities and commitments despite already wearing plenty of different hats. Collaborating with her is an absolute pleasure, and Academy feels incredibly fortunate and appreciative to have such an influential and caring leader like Lindsay in our school.

    Submitted by: Matt Pinto

  • Lt. Col. Bill Arrington

    "On any given day, if you walk into the Mapleton JROTC room you will find a little bit of magic happening.Lt. Col. Arrington and Mr. Graham work from sun up to sundown to make sure that students have a place to learn, a place to grow, and a place to call home.The Mapleton JROTC program reaches hundreds of students every year. The program and its leaders teach students the value of respect, hard work, and dedication. Every student that walks through those doors understands the importance of the program and how they fit into the program. 

    Lt. Col Arrington has been serving this program for many years and has impacted the lives of hundreds of students.  He sets a great example of someone with integrity and honor.  I am so lucky to have him as a colleague and as a friend. Thank you for all you do, Col.!

    Submitted by: Mellissa Pfaff 

  • Amber von der Hofen, Director, Mapleton Online

    "I want to thank this Mapleton irreplaceable for her consistent leadership and incredible passion for our students, our schools, and our community. Without her calm, guiding influence, it would have been a much more difficult year of change and transition at Mapleton Online. She does the job of more than a principal and never complains. Amber VonderHofen, you have made a great difference in the lives of Mapleton Online’s teachers, staff, students, and parents and we are fortunate and forever grateful to have you as our leader."

    Submitted by Cindy Lewis 

  • Jessica Schafer, Mapleton Online

    I would like to honor Jessica Schafer from Mapleton Online. She is truly irreplaceable and an amazing teacher! When we decided to transition from in-person to online, I was a little nervous, but Jessica helped in so many ways; she is always there to answer my questions, she listens to concerns, she is understanding and kind, she keeps all the kids engaged, she always has kind words for the children. She makes learning fun, which gives the kids so much confidence! I am beyond grateful to have her as my kids’ teacher!

    Submitted by Julianne E., Mapleton Online parent


    Having our son attend Mapleton online kindergarten, we have been working with Mrs.Schafer and we are thoroughly impressed with her teaching techniques. David is able to read and write at grade level. This is so epic for him. He was diagnosed last year with autism. Being online with Mrs. Schafer has helped him immensely! He has so much peace with her and his anxiety is at an all-time low. He’s able to make amazing progress and he is making friends along the way. Mrs. Schafer is a treasure to the Mapleton online family! If it takes a village to raise a child, then she’s a significant part of our village! We absolutely love Mapleton online and we would love to continue with our family!

    Priscilla H., Mapleton Online parent


  • Meg Simon, Adventure Elementary 

    "Inclusive Learning Centers are classrooms that support students of varying, significant special education needs.  Being a teacher is a balancing act any day. Being an ILC teacher is on par with being a superhero!  Watching Ms. Simon in action is magical! She demonstrates kindness, patience, and care for each student in her classroom.  The students in her class thrive in the safe and nurturing environment that she creates for them.  One of Adventure’s core values is inclusion and Ms. Simon’s class is at the heart of why we treasure this value.  She works tirelessly to assure that her students are included in all parts of our school. No barrier or limitations stand in the way. "

    Submitted by: Sarah Kopperud

  • Dianne Bennett, York International School

    "I would like to honor Dianne Bennett from York International. Dianne goes above and beyond for students and teachers. For as long as I have known her, she has given the students in this district so much. Many days I see her at school early in the morning, and then STILL at York late into the night. She works hard to ensure the success of students at York. She has an incredible work ethic. Dianne is irreplaceable in Mapleton public schools.

    Submitted by: Mellissa Pfaff

  • Lisa Hollingsworth, Mapleton Early Career Prep

    Lisa Hollingsworth of MEC Prep is truly irreplaceable.  Lisa is our internship coordinator, but she has put on so many hats (and sometimes aprons) this school year.  She brings a tremendous amount of energy and humor with her every day to make our school ever so much more vibrant! She has passionately poured so much of her energy into ensuring students secure strong and meaningful internships.  She goes above and beyond to make connections for our students, she boldly introduces herself to every professional she crosses paths with. This year she has set up numerous "career days" where she invites various professionals to share their work and knowledge with our students.  Lisa has gone above and beyond this year and our students are succeeding as a result; she truly is irreplaceable!"

    Submitted by: Andrew Salzillo