• thank you, Mapleton Staff!

  • Connie IoConnie Io, Monterey Community School Director

    "There are not enough words for Connie Io and her staff. My girls succeed because of them. They have a loving and welcoming place to enter everyday. Maggie Snell is a wonderful 2nd grade teacher. She constantly challenges my daughter to do her best everyday. The middle school team or more like the dream team. Where would my older two girls be without them. They challenge these kids not only in education but life. They are not just teachers of mathematics or science but of what these kids should expect for their future. I couldn’t ask for a better group. Teaching middle school students isn’t for the light hearted for sure and this gets up each and every day to instill confidence and educate these kids. Connie Io, the best thing to happen to this school.  She’s a mom on a side but has become a second to some students. She’s open hearted and open minded to ideas and thoughts from each and every parent, student and staff member."

    Submitted by: Kayla C.

    Karli Shackelford, Clayton Partnership School

    "I would like to share gratitude for Ms. Shackelford at Clayton Partnership School. My son was blessed to have her as his teacher coming into the school system for kindergarten and with the chaos of shutdowns, she made everything as comfortable as possible. The children have been robbed of memories, school field trips we looked forward to and many other things that abruptly came to an end. Ms. Shackelford truly goes above and beyond as a teacher. Thankfully, she transitioned to first grade and my son was able to continue onto first grade with her. He is now in second grade, and she still has a positive impact on his life. He’s always talking about her in such positive ways. I am incredibly grateful for the impact she’s placed on him, and it makes a mother’s heart smile. Thank you!"

    Submitted by: Cathalina V. 

    Ali C.

    Ali Casillo and Kat Pittman, Explore PK-8

    "I would like to share my appreciation for Ms. Casillo at Explore! She goes above and beyond for my daughter, finding creative ways to keep her engaged and successful. She is so innovative with her teaching methods and just one of the nicest and most caring teachers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

    Kat Pittman is also amazing! She is so positive and inclusive. She really makes a positive difference in the lives of the teachers and students she works and interacts with. 

    Thank you for the opportunity to brag about my favorite Explore staff members!"

     Submitted by: Lauren E.


    Lisa Hollingsworth, Mapleton Early College

    "MEC overall has amazing people and staff that I love so much. One person that I am grateful for and is my "irreplaceable" has to be Lisa Hollingsworth. She is the kindest person and challenges her Biology and Integrated Science students. Not only does she care about her peers, but she also loves her son and family. Lisa has helped me throughout my couple of high school years and constantly checks up on me. She always has a smile on her face, and she is a big ball of energy! I believe she deserves a lot of credit for her hard work and dedication to our community and MEC family." 

    Submitted by: Jeweliana B. 

    deckerKeith Decker, Big Picture College and Career Academy
    "Keith Decker (Math teacher at BPCCA) has been my advisor for 3 years, since I was a freshman. He’s always been there for us whenever we need help. His love and patience for us are like no other and he always makes sure that we are on top of our work. He has helped me understand math in an easy way rather than making it a long process. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and advisor!"

    Submitted by: Joycelyn Y.



    Kathryne De Losh, Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts

    "Kathryne De Losh, science teacher at MESA has made it clear she cares about her students and took the time to send an email telling me how wonderful my son is to have in class."

    Submitted by: Kelly W.

    ILC Middle School Team, Achieve Academy

    "The ILC middle school team at Achieve is amazing! They truly care for my son. He is happy and loves going to school."

    Submitted by: Crystal W.

    StoderdJarom Stodderd, MESA
    "For my positive teacher, I chose Mr. Stodderd, I choose him because he is always there for us when we need him, he makes us laugh by telling jokes, and shows that he is always there if we need him. Mr. Stodderd is a very loving and caring teacher, he shows full accountability when a student is not in the classroom and takes full responsibility when a student didn’t learn anything, Mr shows kindness to the students at mesa and makes us feel comfortable. Mr. Stodderd is the best teacher someone can ask for, he laughs at jokes we make and makes jokes. We do take advantage of Mr. Stodderd and his kindness. But he still manages to come to work and put a smile on not only my face but people around him. We love you Mr. Stodderd."

    Submitted by: Ismari M. 

    Tia Nevil and Ms. Alissa, Welby Community School

    "I have a few! Welby community is amazing. Here are my shout outs Ms Tia Art teacher. She has inspired and encouraged my son for the last 4 years, she is always there to help him through so many things. Even outside the classroom. Ms. Alissa continues to encourage him and help in all the ways he may need it, and she cares so much about his thoughts and feelings. Ms Kirby AD has been right by my his side helping him through some big life struggles this year, and keeping him on track and finding ways to challenge him where he needs it most. We are moving to Explore PK8 next year and I am extremely sad to be leaving Welby."

    Submitted by: Kasie F.

    Susie Panozzo, Preschool on Poze

    "Today I asked my daughter what she was thankful for before school. She thought for a moment and then said "mom, I am thankful for Mrs. Suzie.
    We appreciate Mrs. Suzie at PoP!"
    Submitted by: Jalena V.

    Kaitlin Hardy, York International 

    "She is such an amazing teacher who could also be your friend. She tries to make reading more fun, and she succeeds. She also makes sure all her students are doing well both in school and in general. You can tell that she really cares about all her students."

    Submitted by: Isabella N. 

    Mellissa Pfaff, Academy High School

    "I want to take a moment to appreciate Ms. Melissa Pfaff. As a former student of Ms. Pfaff`s, I know she is always willing to lend a helping hand out to anyone in need. Ms. Pfaff shows her students the wonders of learning about new things. She is not only an amazing teacher but an amazing role model and demonstrates kindness, compassion, and many more great qualities that everyone should have. Academy High School is lucky to have such an amazing teacher and human."

    Submitted by: Austin S.

    Anna Ring, Mapleton Early College

    "I’d just like to take a moment and say how Irreplaceable Anna Ring from MEC is. She is my son’s Advisory Teacher in 11th grade. I know her to be very compassionate and attentive to my son so I’m sure it carries over to all her students. She truly wants the best for the kids – those that are doing well she celebrates and those students that may not be doing so well she encourages. She supports the students and cares so much for them. If there is ever anything I’m concerned about I know I can reach out to her and if she can’t help she knows who can. Thank you so much for the time you have put into being Quinn’s Advisor and supporting him in all his interests, concerns, and growth."

    Submitted by: Kim M.

    Pic of LeialohaMalia Leialoha, Global Primary Academy

    "Our son Cash is a preschooler in Ms. Malia’s class. We would love to take this opportunity to appreciate her unlimited patience, her dedication to her preschoolers, and for her positive energy. Because of Ms. Malia, Cash is learning how to verbalize his emotions and has learned strategies to be a problem solver. He is incredibly smart and enjoys being in her class, but what we appreciate the most is that Cash knows Ms. Malia is his person. He can go to her when he needs a hug or when he wants to share something silly and Ms. Malia is always there to listen. She makes him feel loved and for that we will be forever grateful for her! Thanks Ms. Malia!"

    Submitted by: Julianne H.