• Curriculum Review 

    Mapleton reviews its curriculum and educational programs regularly to ensure they reflect relevant academic content standards and are effectively meeting the district's educational objectives. 

    The following instruction materials were approved for use by the Board of Education during their regular business meeting on Tuesday, May 24, 2022:

    Benchmark Advance Grades K-5: 

    Benchmark Advance is a K-5 literacy program that is grounded in standards and the science of reading. The program includes knowledge-based topic units that support reading, writing, and oral language development. Lessons in Benchmark Advance integrate new and previously learned skills using topic-based unit texts and resources. Language foundations are reinforced through explicit phonics and word study instruction is linked to authentic reading and writing practice. There is a strong alignment between Benchmark Advance and the five pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Reading and writing independence are achieved through a gradual release of responsibility from the whole group to small group/independent time. 

    The online platform provides all the instructional resources that students can use to apply and practice skills. This online platform also provides teachers with instructional tools around teaching materials and assessment resources to be responsive to the instructional needs of students. 

    To review the Benchmark Advance (K-5 resource), the viewer will need to click View Virtual Sampler.  Then, they would fill out the form to gain access.  For Job Title, type in your stakeholder role (parent, teacher, Board member, etc.). For the School Name, type in the school you are associated with.  

    Website: www.benchmarkadvance.com

    Community members can access the website and request to see virtual samples.


    HMH Into Literature™ – Grades 6-8: 

    HMH Into Literature™ is a 6-8 Literacy Program built to address the needs of today's teachers and equip students with the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills required for success in tomorrow's world. Engaging, relevant, and culturally diverse text honors students and strengthens critical thinking skills with high-interest topics and essential questions. Student edition texts are customized to provide on-level, light, moderate, or heavy support depending on need. Writable for HMH Into Literature applies Writable's state-of-the-art scaffolding, feedback, and AI revision and grammar tools for unit writing assignments. 

    The online platform allows for personalized learning to differentiate by language and skill needs and readiness for extension activities. The HMH Growth Measure platform provides standards-aligned data in real-time for teachers to utilize during their Instructional Design Team meetings for Data-Driven Instruction. 

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