Shakespeare in the Parking Lot at PASB

  • Shakespeare in the Parking LotFor never was a story of more woe – told in under an hour and performed in a parking lot – Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.
    On Tuesday, Sept. 6, students from the Performing Arts School on Broadway were wowed with a special performance from Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, a part of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.
    Just as the name says, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot is an abridged Shakespearean performance that takes place in and around a pick-up truck “set.” The “set” was driven onto the basketball courts near the school, and in just 45 minutes, the five-actor cast performed their version of Romeo and Juliet.
    PASB ninth graders just wrapped up reading The Bard’s classic tale of two star-crossed lovers and appreciated the opportunity to watch it come to life – in an approachable way.
    Romeo and Juliet“It was amazing…our students were so engaged,” said PASB Director Jackson Westenskow. “For many of our students, especially our middle school students, this was their first introduction to Shakespeare. The actors wear modern clothing, and although they do not change the original language, they present it in a way that is really approachable for our students."
    The performance was followed by an interactive workshop led by the cast members to help students connect the themes of the play to contemporary issues. Cast members also discussed careers in the arts and what it is like to work in the arts in Denver.