Concurrent Enrollment in Mapleton

  • Concurrent Enrollment in Mapleton

    Concurrent Enrollment letter

    Carta de Inscripción concurrente


    As a part of our college and career-going culture, your child has the opportunity to apply for enrollment in college courses at Front Range Community College (FRCC) while attending high school in Mapleton. Concurrent enrollment supports our commitment to providing each student with rigorous academic content, enrichment opportunities, and access to academic courses beyond what is available in high school.


    To ensure no obstacle impedes your child’s success, Mapleton Public Schools pays the tuition for district-approved college courses successfully completed by the student.  Your child may also receive high school credit towards graduation requirements for successful completion of approved postsecondary courses.



    To participate in concurrent enrollment, students must request approval from their School Director and Post-Secondary Options Coach (PSOC).

    To qualify for concurrent enrollment, students must:

    • Be less than 21 years of age
    • Be enrolled in a Mapleton high school (9th-12th grade)
    • Meet the minimum prerequisites and academic readiness for the postsecondary courses in which they seek to enroll according to both Front Range Community College and Mapleton Public Schools

    Additional concurrent enrollment details:



    Families are responsible for the cost of textbooks and fees associated with all postsecondary courses. Scholarships are available. Please talk to your child’s school director for additional information.


    Please see Mapleton's Concurrent Enrollment Board Policy IHCDA for additional information.


    Courses Offered during Fall 2023 Semester:

    Mapleton will be offering the following postsecondary courses during the Fall 2023 Semester pending minimum enrollment and a qualified FRCC instructor is obtained:

    • GEY 1108 Geoloty of U.S. National Parks/Geologia de los Parques Nacionales de EE.UU.
    • ENG 1021 English Co position 1/Compsicion Inglesa 1
    • HIS 1210 United States History to Reconstruction/Historia de Estados Unidos hasta la Reconstruccion
    • COM 1250 Interpersonal Communication/Comunicacion Interpersonal   
    • ECE 1011 Introduction to Early Childhood Education/Introduccion a la Educacion Intantil 
    • ECE 1031 Guidance Strategies for Young Children/Estrategias de orientacion para ninos pequenos

    Click here for course descriptions


    Courses Offered during Spring 2024 Semester:

    Mapleton will be offering the following postsecondary courses during the Spring 2024 Semester pending minimum enrollment and a qualified FRCC instructor is obtained:

    • GEY 1135 Environmental Geology with Lab/Geologia medioambiental con laboratorio
    • HIS 2210 History of Mexico/Historia de Mexico
    • ENG 1022 English Composition II?Composicion Inglesa II
    • MAT 1240 Math for Liberal Arts/Matematicas para las artes liberales
    • LIT 1015 Introduction to Literature I/Intorduccion a la literatura I
    • PSC 1011 American Government/Gobierno Americano
    • ECE 1031 Guidance Strategies for Young Children/Estrategias de orientacion para niños pequeños

    Click here for course description


    Enrollment Process and Important Deadlines:

    If your child meets the criteria described above and is interested in enrolling for postsecondary courses during the 2023/2024 School Year, please follow these next important steps:


    Step 1:                    

    By Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the parent/guardian must complete the brief form linked below to express your child’s interest in Concurrent Enrollment for Fall 2023/Spring 2024:


    Step 2:                   

    (Ongoing) Your child must maintain communication with his/her PSOC and complete all required concurrent enrollment steps. Your child’s PSOC will ensure it fits his/her Individualized Career and Academic Plan.


    Step 3:                    

    By Wednesday, March 15, 2023, the Parent/Guardian attends the information session and electronically signs and submits the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement  (FRCC Concurrent Enrollment College Agreement). Your child will need his/her FRCC-issued student number (“S-number”) to sign the form.   

    Step 4:                    

    By Thursday, April 20, 2023, verify with your child's PSOC that all required steps both from Mapleton and FRCC have been completed.  This is a very important step because registering for FRCC courses may require the school to adjust your child’s high school schedule. 


    PSOC Contact Information:

    Academy High School                                                           Kimberly Adams                            

    Global Leadership Academy                                                 Carolyn Quayle                              

    Mapleton Early Career Prep                                                  Xiomara Ortiz                                 

    Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts                        Monica Johnson                             

    Mapleton On-Line                                                                  Monica Johnson                             

    North Valley School for Young Adults                                 Michelle Barrott-Jackson              

    Performing Arts School on Broadway                                 Monica Johnson                            

    York International                                                                  Jennifer Luscombe                        


    If you do not receive notification of approval by Thursday, April 20, 2023, please contact Jacque Ewing, Post Secondary Options Coordinator,  

    IMPORTANT: If your child has specific, individual needs (i.e., 504 or IEP), please contact FRCC's Office of Disability Services to learn about how your child’s needs will be met. For more information from the Colorado Department of Education, please click here.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your child’s PSOC or Jill Fuller, Executive Director of Integrated Services, at 303.853.1128,