• Salary Advancement


    Applications for Salary Advancement for the 2023-2024 school year are now available in Frontline Central.  To access the Salary Advancement Application, please follow the instructions below or use these (Frontline Instructions)


    1. Log into your 
      Frontline Central account.
    2. Go to My Forms then Forms I Can Start.
    3. Scroll to the Salary Advancement Application (Licensed Employees Only)
    4. Click on Start this Form to complete



    The application window will be open through August 15, 2023. Applications will be processed accordingly for the August 31, 2023, pay period.


    Official transcripts must be uploaded and included in your application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


    Important Reminders:

    • District paid professional development is not eligible for salary advancement.
    • Please have your University send your official transcripts to you directly and upload them with your salary advancement application in Frontline.
    • Details regarding salary advancement guidelines may be found in the Licensed Agreement .  Please refer Article 23, Credit Hours.
    • If you have questions about the salary advancement process, please visit our web page and review the Frequently Asked Questions, https://www.mapleton.us/Page/5995


    Please note:  All applications must be submitted by August 15, 2023 and will be processed in accordance with the August 31, 2023, pay period.  Late applications cannot be accepted.