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Mission and Belief Statement

Mapleton's Mission 

The mission of Mapleton Public Schools, an innovative, diverse, and deeply rooted learning community, passionately committed to the uniqueness and potential of each student, is to guarantee that all students can achieve their dreams and contribute enthusiastically to their community, country, and world through an education system characterized by:

  • An unyielding commitment to academic success and personal growth;
  • Learning opportunities that empower students to develop their talents and pursue their interests
  • Highly skilled, compassionate staff who believe they make the difference in each student's life;
  • Small, safe, family-like environments of unwavering support where relationships ensure personal achievement; and
  • A resourceful and responsive community working together to ensure that no obstacle shall impede a student's success.



Belief Statement

We believe that:

  • Learning always leads to opportunity.
  • Everyone deserves unlimited opportunities to maximize their unique abilities.
  • Honest communication is the essence of community.
  • Growth requires risk.
  • Success requires constant improvement.
  • People thrive in a caring environment.
  • The children of today are the hope of tomorrow.
  • Integrity is the basis of trust.
  • The greater good is the responsibility of each individual.