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    Welcome to Mapleton Public Schools!

    We are committed to raising expectations, providing choices for learning and removing obstacles for all students so that we can guarantee that each student "achieves his or her dreams and enthusiastically contributes to his or her community, country and world." Mapleton covers 25 square miles and serves suburban, rural, and light industrial communities.

    We are a district of diverse roles. We are teachers, students, families and neighbors. We each have a role in ensuring our children have the opportunity to study the many things they'll need to be successful in their adult lives.

    Mapleton Public Schools serves more than 6,500 students in Adams County, just north of Denver, and an additional 2,500 students around Colorado through its online partnership school, Colorado Connections Academy. Each student comes from a unique background with his or her own set of talents, interests, circumstances and motivations. Known nationally for its reform efforts, Mapleton is committed to raising expectations by providing choices for learning and removing obstacles for all students. 

  • District-wide Reinvention

    Mapleton Public Schools has responded to the needs of its community by reinventing much of what public education looks like. When traditional school models stopped inspiring students, Mapleton explored academic options that would engage students and reenergize a comprehensive culture of learning. In 2006, Mapleton Public Schools unveiled a reinvention plan focused on rigor, relevance, relationships, and choice. The reinvention converted a system of traditional neighborhood elementary and middle schools and one large comprehensive high school to schools that are small-by-design. As a District of Choice, families choose a school that best fits the needs of their children. Mapleton provides transportation to all students living within the District, doing away with the limitations of the “neighborhood school.” Mapleton’s schools are small-by-design and serve students ages 3-21.


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    Mapleton offers 18 schools that are small-by-design with different education models, including Expeditionary Learning, International Baccalaureate, STEM,  Community School, University Partnership, Big Picture, and online.


    school bus icon District of Choice

    In Mapleton, there are no "neighborhood schools."  This means that instead of being automatically enrolled in your neighborhood school, we invite you to select from a full menu of schools based on the learning style, interests, and passions of your child. If you live within Mapleton's district boundaries, we will provide transportation to your school of choice (if you live a mile or more from your school of choice). 


    "We're like a family."

    By placing relationships at the forefront of our work, Mapleton's schools offer safe, family-like environments of relentless support. In Mapleton, you won't slip through the cracks or get lost in the crowd.  


  • District Boundaries

    Mapleton covers 25 square miles and serves suburban, rural, and light industrial communities.

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