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  • Bullying

    October is National Bullying Prevention Month

    Every October, schools and organizations across the country join STOMP Out Bullying™ in observing National Bullying Prevention Month. The goal: encourage schools, communities and organizations to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying and put an end to hatred and racism by increasing awareness of the prevalence and impact of all forms of bullying on all children of all ages.  Mapleton Public Schools is beginning to launch Olweus Bullying Prevention program,  Our efforts to end bullying will last more than the first week in October!  We plan on working on bullying prevention as much as possible with our students, teachers and community.  Treating each other with respect is #TheMapletonWay.

  • Integrated Services stems from Mapleton’s commitment to improving service and outcomes for children. Using a holistic approach to individual students and schools, Integrated Services aims to provide a comprehensive range of services at the school level and resources to respond to student needs.



Contact Information

  • Jill Fuller 
    Executive Director of Integrated Services

    Janel Lawson
    Assistant Director of Integrated Services, Special Population

    Tracy Rodgers
    Secretary, Special Populations

    Kathleen Keelan
    Director of Integrated Services, Health Services 

    Suzy Ott
    Secretary, Health Services 



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