Mapleton Logo, Integrated Services
  • The Integrated Services Department stems from Mapleton’s commitment to improving service and outcomes for children.

    Using a holistic approach to individual students and schools, the Departments of Special Education and Student Support Services have merged and are now “Integrated Services." There is a strong commitment to improved service and outcomes for children. Integrated Services is intended to provide a comprehensive range of services at the school level and resources to respond to student needs.

    Realizing that regardless of the role we each play in supporting the whole child, we need to assure that we all have the training and professional development we need to make a difference for each child. 

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Contact Information

  • Kathleen Keelan
    Director of Integrated Services, Health Services 

    Jill Fuller 
    Director of Integrated Services, Special Populations 

    Suzy Ott
    Secretary, Health Services 

    Tracy Rodgers
    Secretary, Special Populations


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