• Transportation Team Mapleton's fleet transports approximately 3,000 students to and from school, sporting events and after-school programs each day. Families living within the District receive transportation to any school of their choice if they live more than one mile from the school.

    Inclement weather, traffic patterns and road construction can impact the arrival time of your child's bus and can also affect the time your child arrives at school.

    During the winter, it is important to make sure your child is dressed appropriately before heading out to the bus stop. Appropriate dress for winter weather includes gloves, hats, coats, and boots.

    Register for a Paw Pass

    All families who live within the Mapleton School district and are looking to register a new student to ride a Mapleton bus must complete and sign the registration form.  Please visit the Paw Pass page and click on the 'How to obtain a Paw Pass' tab.

    If you have questions with any of the information listed above, please contact Mapleton Transportation Department at 303.853.1024.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Mapleton Public Schools, a community that embraces its children through high performing schools of choice, is to ensure that the students and staff are provided a safe environment and that each student is empowered to achieve his or her dreams and contribute to his or her community, country and world through an education system distinguished by:

    • A resourceful community working together to ensure that no obstacles impede student success
    • A tenacious pursuit of rigorous academics and personal development
    • An effective, student-focused and compassionate staff
    • Small family-like environments where relationships inspire achievement
    • Practices that humor the deeply-rooted history and diversity of our community

    Belief Statement

    We believe that: 

    • It is the nature of all people to learn
    • All people are entitled to respect
    • All people determine their future by the choices they make
    • All people have equal worth
    • The greater good is the responsibility of each individual
    • Everyone deserves unlimited opportunity to maximize his or her unique abilities
    • Learning always leads to opportunity
    • Honest communication is the essence of community
    • Integrity is the basis of trust
    • People thrive in a caring environment
    • Success requires constant improvement
    • The children of today are the hope of tomorrow
    • Growth requires risk
    • All people deserve a fair return on their investment of effort, time and resources

    Mapleton School District Boundaries 


    Mapleton Public Schools 2019-20 District Map   

    The district boundaries are Huron, Zuni and Franklin Streets on the west, 52nd Avenue on the south, and the South Platte River and Colorado Boulevard on the east. On the north side, the boundary reaches in one place to 108th Avenue. The district is the smallest of the five main Adams County school districts. There are approximately 25 square miles of land within our boundaries. Nearly 12 square miles are located south of 84th Avenue, and of this portion, nearly nine square miles are zoned for industrial, commercial, and agricultural development. Of the remaining six square miles located north of 84th Avenue, nearly all is residentially zoned.   

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    Hours - 7:00am to 5:00pm